How to Use Different Candle Colors in Meditation

by Keen Psychic Advisor: Adored Angel

Candles function as physical angelic messengers, just as angels are emissaries of prayers. Each candle color and archangel specialize in a specific shade that can assist in health, relationships, love, and finances. I always find peace when I light a candle; there is something magical about the red/orange flame lighting up your sacred space. Candles are used to calm, focus, and center the mind during meditation, prayer, and your intentions.

I am here to show you how you can work with candle colors to have a special relationship with specific archangels. Each color has a specific function and is associated with a divine angelic being:


Blue is a calm, cool, and centered color. It is the color of joy, harmony and peace. Use blue to mend a broken relationship, clear up misunderstandings, and soothe escalating tempers.

Specific Uses: Calming, truth, understanding, joy, harmony, and peace.

Associated Divine Angelic Beings:

Haniel- Develops clairvoyance, grace, and physical health in women. Her coloring is whitish-moonlight blue.

Raguel- Creates harmony and peace in all your alliances; aids in professional and personal relationships.

Zadkiel- Helps improve memory, retention, and intellectual understanding.


Gold is the color of the male side of the divine. The ideal application is toward protection of financial assets. You can harness its power to attract financial abundance.

Specific Uses: Financial abundance, protection, communing with the male divine, and intelligence.

Associated Divine Angelic Being:

Michael- Provides protection in all ways- material, physical, emotional, and spiritual (including financial). 


Green is a multipurpose color that has attributes of abundance and healing. It is especially useful when trying to heal your financial situation. Gardeners will find green as an extraordinary boon to their plants’ health and growth. In areas of luck, green can be used wisely if you do not spend your money frivolously.

Specific Uses: Wealth, abundance, nature, productivity, luck, and healing.

Associated Divine Angelic Beings:

Raphael- Conducts healing in every area of your life. Wellbeing and health are manifested.  Ask him to aid you in your choice of a healing modality, opening a center, or filling a private practice with well-paying clients.

Chamuel- Call upon him when you are anxious about your abundance and wealth. Chamuel will help calm you down and make you sleep better. He gives you peace of mind. Your needs are taken care of, which allows you to focus on your priorities and what’s important in the moment.

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Light Pink

Angelic divine beings associate with like pink, which is a loving and caring color. It is used if you are longing for a lasting friendship or simply the wellbeing and health of those you care for. It represents unconditional love.

Specific Uses: Love, care, warm protection, affection, and friendship.

Associated Divine Angelic Being:

Ariel- Is the archangel to call upon for manifesting your earthly needs, which includes money, home, and transportation. She can give you a divine assignment to help heal and protect the environment.


Magenta is a combination of red and purple. This color tends to have a very high vibration energy and is used in cures when a rapid manifestation or healing is desired. If a situation needs to be changed, quickly adding a magenta candle will certainly speed things up.

Specific Uses: Quick changes, urgent actions, and ending procrastination.

Associated Divine Angelic Being:

Jophiel- Is the angel of beauty. She helps us hold positive thoughts, clears away clutter, and lends a more radiant life. Call upon Jophiel to resolve conflicts, as well as improving physical attractiveness, home decorating, and conducting fengshui.


Orange is the color for shifting directions in any aspect of your life. You may be contemplating changing a major part of your life or switching career paths.

Specific Uses: Career changes, new beginnings, legal matters, and communication.

Associated Divine Angelic Being:

Gabriel- Is the messenger angel that helps anyone in teaching, journalism, the arts, and the transmission of knowledge. This divine angel acts as a career counselor, agent, and manager that motivates us to achieve our highest potential.

Purple or Cobalt Blue

Purple, or cobalt blue, are the colors to employ if you’d like to achieve success in whatever you’re attempting. The rule of thumb is that the bigger the spotlight, and the higher chance of notoriety, the better these colors manifest. Actors, congressman, public figures, and event planners benefit from this color, shade, and hue.

Specific Uses: Success, idealism, leadership, and fame.

Associated Divine Angelic Beings:

Jeremiel- Helps you clearly see what it is that you want in life. He fine-tunes your emotions and feelings to ensure success and balance.

Michael- Helps you to attract successful outcomes. Call upon Archangel Michael to achieve success in whatever you are attempting, as an actor or a speaker. Archangel Michael and the color cobalt blue accelerates your desires to fruition.


Silver is the color of inspiration and clairvoyance. Silver is most closely associated with the female side of divinity. If you are just a newbie, spreading your wings to develop and recognize your psychic abilities, this is the shade to use. Any intentions you’re seeking, more information about a person, place, or situation can be focused on with a silver candle.

Specific Uses: Intuition, inspiration, physic abilities, and manifesting.

Associated Divine Angelic Being:

Haniel- Is associated with the divine feminine aspects of spiritual power, such as telepathy and clairvoyance.

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White is the catch-all color. You may be undecided on which way to go. Religious faiths have been successful in just using white exclusively. It is up to your discretion.

Specific Uses: Purity, spirituality, peace, and life improvement.

Associated Divine Angelic Being:

Azrael- Aids your work with white by letting you move past any grief in your heart and come to terms with the cycle of life.

Haniel- (see color blue).


Yellow aids in reawakening your creative edge when you have hit a wall or writer’s block. Yellow is the color of creativity and imagination. When you are working on projects that require a great deal of original thought and concentration, lighting a yellow candle can help you gain focus.

Specific Uses: Creativity, imagination, concentration, and unity.

Associated Divine Angelic Being:

Uriel- Heals away resentment and unforgiveness. Use yellow for the power of working together as a team.


Black is a special protective candle. It has the tendency to absorb any light or energy that it comes in contact with. Black is the perfect color to use when you need to block negative energy coming your way.

Specific Uses: Absorbing negative energy, protection, and clearing previously charged candles.

Associated Divine Angelic Being:

Black Obsidian Crystals- Is a strong protection stone that can cleanse negativity within your aura.

I hope that you practice angel magick rituals and call upon the archangels. Be creative and enjoy your candle colors. Jump right in and enjoy yourself! Remember that you cannot make a mistake. The archangels are waiting for you to call upon them for help and guidance.


About the Author:

Adored Angel (Desiree Szabo) is an angelic interpreter who sheds gentle light on life’s toughest problems. Her background as a psychic is formal training as a Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy, and the Healing Angels of the Energy Field. She has been practicing her work since early childhood. Her specialty is helping you to see the light, through prayers, healings, cellular angelic energy and angel card readings.

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