The Crown Chakra: Your Connection to the Divine

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What is your relationship to spirituality? Are you a seeker, focused on self-knowledge and empowerment? Do you find your intuition coming in the form of claircognizance or clear knowing? Are you a skilled manifestor, or would you like to be? If so, you should consider learning more about the workings of the Crown chakra.

The Crown chakra is the doorway into the spiritual worlds and the seat of our divine empowerment. It is the highest vibration in our human aura and where we access our higher self-wisdom.

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Crown Chakra Basics

The Crown, or seventh chakra, is physically located at the top, or crown, of our head. Like the halos painted around religious figures in art, our Crown chakra facilitates our connection with spirit. Called the Sahasrara chakra in Sanskrit, this energy center is the thousand-petalled lotus referred to in Indian and Buddhist scripture.

The seventh chakra rules thought and our ability to perceive, analyze, and assimilate information. Where the third chakra governs our mental activity and detail, the seventh relates to broad concepts, wisdom, and wider meaning and understanding. We develop this chakra in early adulthood and afterward continue development as we begin cultivating not just knowledge but also wisdom.

The color is violet or silver-white. The issues of transcendence, beliefs, divinity, and relationship to higher power are governed by this chakra. The Crown chakra is related to the seventh layer of the auric field, which contains all the layers below it, and comprises the golden web that keeps our energy intact and separate from others.

From the Crown chakra we can enter the Haric dimension, the level of existence where manifestation begins. This dimension is the level where the Law of Attraction starts. It is the place where pure matter begins to take form as our desires.

Common Seventh Chakra Problems

Like all the chakras, the Crown chakra can be in a state of deficiency, excess, or stagnation.

When this chakra is deficient, the flow of spiritual vital force energy can’t complete its cycle through the body. The mind is literally unable to access new thought, and there may be a fixation on a single spiritual point of view as “right.” This is the opposite of spiritual freedom and openness, and it can look like fanaticism or, in contrast, the spiritual cynic or skeptic.

People with an underdeveloped Crown may have difficulty learning from their experiences and may repeat patterns and consequences. They will be governed by unconscious desires and fears and have little ability to manifest what they want in physical reality.

This chakra in excess can show up as over-thinking or excessive identification with the mind. Excess also may manifest as spiritual escapism, addiction, or a bypass of all physical needs or vilification of the body. This is common in spiritual traditions that teach sensual desire of any kind as being wrong. In extreme cases, feeling overwhelmed and developing psychosis results from a wide open, excessive Crown.

When the energetic input becomes too much, we can shut down this chakra completely, thus cutting off our access to wisdom and divine knowing. The chakra becomes stagnant and non-functional.

Physical manifestations of seventh chakra imbalance can include migraines, coma, brain tumors, amnesia, or delusions. Note that these are results of extreme imbalance and related to other issues.

One Client’s Experience

Shevonne came to me for healing work. She was younger than most of my clients—just 18. But she had survived a terrible childhood and was determined to heal. She had a well-developed third chakra, and, surprisingly, her root was strong. But she was completely shut down in her fifth, sixth and seventh.  As a natural empath, she had no way to process the chaotic and traumatic energies present in her family. She literally had closed these chakras—unable to see, know, or speak about the abuse happening to and around her.

Yet, Shevonne had some inkling that there was more and was drawn to metaphysics, but she couldn’t gain any traction trying to learn about spiritual topics. She had finally moved out of her house and was seeking help. We did several sessions to bring her upper chakras back into balance.

The first thing I asked Shevonne to do was to begin a short, easy meditation practice. She had just adopted an older cat, and both of them loved the ritual of brushing his fluffy hair.

“Take five minutes while you are brushing him,” I said, “and just repeat this mantra: it’s safe to see. It is safe to know. It is safe to be open now.”

She did this, and gradually her chakras responded. I increased her meditation “homework” to gazing at a candle for ten minutes, or to relaxing while listening to Sanskrit chants or other high vibration music. As her Crown began to heal, she was able to start studying the spiritual topics that interested her. Shevonne was also seeing a therapist to address the damage done as a result of the abuse, which also helped her find her voice and repair her fifth chakra.

Eventually, Shevonne chose to study the Tarot. She discovered she had a natural facility for intuitive work, and her goal is to use her experiences to help others. All of this came from healing her Crown and other upper chakras.

Ways to Strengthen Your Crown Chakra

The Crown chakra needs care and feeding, like the other chakras, to remain healthy and in balance. The most important factor for a healthy seventh chakra is a regular spiritual practice. This is not the same as being involved in a religion, though that is one pathway. Being spiritual doesn’t even mean you have to accept a concept of “God.” But it does mean that you feel connected to something greater than yourself and your ego identification—be it your higher self, the Universe, God, or the whole Hindu pantheon of gods and goddesses. What is important is spiritual freedom and a path that resonates for you.

As with Shevonne, the first, best thing you can do to strengthen your Crown is to start a meditation or relaxation practice. Yoga, traditional meditation, walking meditation, listening to high vibration music, or practicing contemplative arts such as Tai Chi or even dance are valuable. I like somatic practices because they help you stay in your body as your seventh chakra opens and expands.

A healthy Crown also is dependent on intellectual stimulation and growth, although this can lead to excess if the intellect is over-developed. The cultivation of wisdom, a personal worldview, and intellectual maturity all lead to a high functioning seventh chakra. Investigating metaphysics is a great way to strengthen your upper chakras. Intuitive readings definitely stimulate wisdom, growth, and can help you learn about your Crown chakra on your best path to personal “enlightenment.”

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