What is Claircognizance? Recognizing and Developing This Powerful Psychic Ability

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Do you ever feel like you “just know” things? Do you have especially good insights in the shower or while you’re driving? Have you ever known who’s on the other end of the line the instant the phone rings?

These are instances of claircognizance–or clear knowing–that many of us feel, but often discount because they’re so ordinary. Of all the forms of knowing – clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc. – claircognizance is arguably the least sexy and hardest to discern. But some psychics argue that experiencing clear knowing is a sign that you’ve intuitively “arrived.”

“When you just know the answer to a client’s question, or the solution to a problem at work–without really thinking about it–that’s so powerful,” says a colleague and fellow psychic. “It’s so easy. And takes so much less energy.”

While claircognizance might not be as fun as clairvoyance or even clairaudience, I have to agree with my colleague now that I’ve cultivated this skill. It’s great to just … know. That said, clear knowing cuts out the middle man of your five senses, and so it takes quite a bit of trust to work with and recognize.

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Signs That You’re Claircognizant

1. You are a “thinker.” Those of us with busy, often logical minds frequently have flashes of insight, especially about a problem or puzzle in our lives. However, these flashes can be so common that we don’t recognize them as the instant psychic downloads they are.

2. You interrupt. No, it’s not just bad manners! Claircognizant folks often know what another person in a conversation is going to say, so they respond before the person can even get a full sentence out. If you can often complete other people’s sentences, you may have this ability.

3. You have powerful, specific hunches. Vague intuition is different from the sense of certainty you may get when someone is lying, doing something sketchy, or presenting a false self. If you can often suss out when people are being dishonest, even when everyone else is fooled, you are likely claircognizant.

4. You learn from books or through writing. Many people who have clear knowing find that they learn easily through the written word.

5. You are the go-to problem solver for your tribe. If you are the one everyone comes to with a problem, from crosswords to personal dilemmas to reinventing the wheel, you may be claircognizant.

How to Develop Claircognizance

Minna was a student of mine who swore that she had no psychic ability. Yet when she and I had conversations, I could never get a complete sentence out! She always knew what I was about to say and she often came up with answers – seemingly out of the blue – to questions that other students posed during our class. But she expected psychic ability to show up as visions or graphic premonitions, instead of the simple sense of knowing that she was experiencing. Once she knew that this was a gift, she wanted to develop it further.

I had Minna work with both a pendulum and automatic writing. These are two great ways to practice claircognizance.

Pendulum dowsing can be used to give your claircognizance a workout. Minna worked with her pendulum daily to gain answers to questions in her life. Usually these weren’t epic life questions, but rather small things like, “Will I get a call from my mother tomorrow?” or “Where will my boyfriend take me to dinner?” As she was asking the questions, I told her to be aware of the answers popping into her head before her pendulum answered, and then see if she was right. It took a little while, but soon Minna reported getting answers before her pendulum…and she was accurate about 80% of the time.

Automatic writing is another great way to access clear knowing. This takes trust and faith, but if this psychic ability is one of your gifts, you’ll find it to be amazingly helpful. Take a half hour or so with your journal in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Ask your higher self a question and just let your pen start writing. This may feel fake or silly at first – Minna certainly thought so! It’s important that you don’t think about the answer to the question. Instead, let your mind wander and drop into a meditative state. Your pen will start to move, and while you may observe the words as they flow through your mind, but you won’t be creating them. It’s a subtle difference, so try it and see.

Claircognizance in Daily Life

Clients will often ask me, “What’s the difference between having a thought and claircognizance?” It’s a good question because there is a fine line between them. Thinking is often busy, loud, judgmental, and ego-based. Our minds often have repetitive thoughts and are invested in keeping us safe and hidden. Your wisdom, the voice of your higher self, is quiet, firm, and not always rational or what you would expect to hear.

Sometimes we only recognize our claircognizance in hindsight. We’ve all said, “I knew that was going to happen,” or some variation on that theme. Start to notice in the small details of your life when you know what someone is going to say, or what the movie ending will be, or when you know you shouldn’t go on that date. The more you listen, the more you will see your claircognizance in action.

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