Cutting the Psychic Ties that Bind

by Psychic Advisor: Empress Tarot

So many of us have found ourselves feeling attached to someone who isn’t the best for us. For instance, if you love someone who has distanced themselves from you, yet they still have a psychic/emotional link to you, it can be a serious drain on your energy, your emotional well-being, and your time. This kind of attachment makes you unproductive, and it can also make you feel downright crazy.

Don’t worry- you’re not crazy. Since everyone and everything in the universe is made of energy, and energy transcends time and space, it’s possible to be able to keep in touch with someone on a psychic level, even when there is no physical communication. Possible, but not the least bit fair. So, how do you protect yourself and your internal resources from this kind of unfairness?

I recommend cutting the ties that bind you to the other person. Yes, this sounds harsh and drastic, but the lovely truth of the matter is that you can always reattach the relationship later in time. In the meantime, cutting the ties will give you strength, build your self-esteem, and help you keep your precious energy.

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There are several ways to cut the ties. One method that works well for me is to light a white candle. This helps to repel unwanted energy, promotes wholeness & healing, and helps balance my aura. Then, I settle myself in a comfortable position and do a visualization. I recommend a beautiful and extremely helpful book called  “Goddess Meditations” by Barbara Ardinger to help you visualize.

In this visualization, I picture myself following a path that climbs slowly around, and up, a large green hill. At the top of the path stands the temple of the Three Fates, the three sisters who, according to ancient mythology, determine one’s destiny. The first sister, Clotho, spins the thread at the beginning of one’s life; the second sister, Atropos, weaves the thread into the fabric of one’s actions; the third sister, Lachesis, snips the thread at the conclusion of one’s life.

In my meditation, the three sisters sit on the porch of their temple, hard at work upon the fabric of my life. I stand naked before them and can clearly see every cord that connects me to the person with whom I wish to cut the ties with. Then, I borrow Lachesis’s golden scissors and carefully cut each and every cord that binds me to the other. I place each cord in a basket and present it to The Fates with my deepest thanks. After, I turn around and head back down the hill, unencumbered by the ties that so recently bound me.

Inevitably, this has to be done more than once because when the other person feels an immediate sense of loss, they will hurry to reattach themselves to you. Sometimes, it has to be done every day for several weeks. But, in the end, it’s always worth it and you will feel so fresh and clean when it’s done.


About the Author:

Having grown up in a family that appreciated and encouraged psychic abilities, I have read the cards most of my life. My readings are non-judgemental & delivered with compassion & caring. I have 21 years experience as a professional crisis counselor & have offered readings on since early 2001.

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