Embrace the Challenge of Change

by Keen Psychic Advisor: Psychic Jedi

Spring has arrived with warmth and kindness, it touches us deep within our core. We cannot help but be touched by the cycles of nature. We are one with this incredible universal dance of nature.

As we watch the sprouting of the beautiful spring flowers peeking through the few patches of snow remaining this year, we cannot help think of our own renewal. It is time for new thinking and new beginnings, letting go of all that has frozen us in time.

The most important part of our lives is our connection to others. Our relationships are a reflection of who we are within. These are the most difficult lessons we will ever experience. All of our relationships, whether as a parent or spouse, child or friend, or even as adversaries. These experiences help us to understand ourselves and to grow.  It doesn’t matter if they last a minute or a lifetime, they become part of us and mold us into who we are at this moment in time.

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So why is it so hard to move away from a harmful relationship? Is it because we have become used to it? Do we not deserve better? Are we afraid of the unknown? Have we been beaten down so much we can no longer get up? What combinations of these apply? Guilt? The need to fix or care for the abuser? We keep telling ourselves this relationship is not good for anyone, but we stay. Change is always a challenge.

What if we started to make a plan? What if we could see the path before us as the clouds lifted? We wait for that moment of drastic change where we can walk away, a new person changed forever. We are not pawns of nature or life. Make a decision and then a plan. What are your options? Oftentimes we make our decisions based on information we do not yet have. Such as, it will be easier to leave in a year or money will be better in two years. There are so many variables from now to that time in the future. So you need all the information to make a good decision.

There is only the Now. So how are things in the Now, and how would you like them to be?  This is your reality, now. You have that information. Only you know how you feel. Only you know what you want to change.  If you can grasp the Now than you can see your options and create a new path to where you want to be.

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Sometimes we have to trust that we are in harmony with this incredible cycle of life. The worst is letting things go on hopelessly. So take some time out. Make a list of your options, those that can help you, those that will keep you trapped, and look at what you need to change within you to make those changes. It is a process. Once you take control, everything changes. How you feel about yourself is like a giant magnet. It will attract back what you resonate with. It will attract back whatever energy you are sending out. So it can be as simple as saying to yourself “I am one with all things” and creating that energy within you. “I am in perfect harmony in the Now”. Take quiet moments to feel this energy. It may begin as just a sparkle or a little green bud pushing through that last patch of snow. Let it blossom. It will grow. Your reality around you will change without any effort. It will respond to the energy you resonate with in the Now.

So look within at that beautiful spring flower beginning to sprout through the frozen darkness. Allow yourself to blossom.


About the Author:

My earliest memories are of spirits around me. I grew up with a sense of these spirits around me and communicated with them though out my life. This is the channel I use to guide others. The clearest messages come when it is needed the most in any situation whether it is finding someone or a relationship.

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