What Does it Mean to Be a Leo?

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Leo men and women tend to be bastions of positivity with robust and jovial attitudes. You often seem to possess an aura of warmth and joy that radiates to nearly all you meet, creating smiles and happiness where seconds before there were none. Leos were born for the spotlight and not only claim it easily, but relish it like nothing else in the world. Your generosity, kindness, devotion to friends, and courage often outshine those few and far between moments where you must admit your ego got out of hand. The passion of the fire sign is in your blood, and you are the poster child of it with your infectious and bubbly enthusiasm about life in general. Your seemingly endless supply of energy can be redirected negatively into stubbornness or pride when things go awry, but you will always attempt to humble yourself and apologize in the end. What it all boils down to is, “it’s a Leo thing”. It is impossible to deny your lust to be top dog, a king or queen in your own right – and you are no stranger to feeling the pulsing drive of competitiveness. You are unique, a lion among sheep, and that is what it truly means to be a Leo.

Mythology And Facts About The Elegantly Regal Leo

If fortune has blessed you with a birth date that falls between July, 23rd, and August, 22nd then you are part of a long line of unforgettable, lovable Leo-born. Like Mick Jagger, Amelia Earhart, and Hulk Hogan, following your dreams and taking the spotlight likely come with ease. You take to it all as if you were born to do exactly that and, in truth, you were. Despite your greatness, the Greek myths that are attributed to Leo are not exactly heartwarming, but they do hint at some common qualities. The mythological background of Leo is related to the slaying of the Nemean Lion, which was the first labor of Heracles, the hero. Heracles was tasked to take down the monstrous lion who was impenetrable to all physical attacks. Arrows bounced off, Heracles’ own sword broke against him, and he seemed almost invincible.

In the end, Heracles managed to defeat him by strangling and had to use the lion’s own claws to skin him. The Goddess Hera, who is thought to have nursed the lion and been motherly to most monstrous creatures during the time, is said to have turned the Nemean lion into the constellation we know as Leo today. The lion’s invincible hide relates to Leos as it is near impossible to staunch the passion and fiery spirit of a Leo. Nothing will take away your smiles and joy, except your own actions. The skinning with the lion’s own claws was proof of that. It really takes an excess of haughtiness or a bloated ego to slowly harm a Leo from inside, and both are problems of your own making.

Leo Traits And Behaviors

Leo men and women tend to have an abundance of passion, devotion to loved ones, loyalty, and flair for any situation that has all eyes on them. Your humor, charm, and bountiful optimism will be hard to miss in any crowd. As a Leo, you are likely attracted to all things bright, flashy or even luxurious. Not only does it help you keep admiring eyes on you, but you truly just feel your best when you wear or have the best. Leo woman and men are just and exceedingly generous, and it pains you when people overlook the multitude of great things you do because of a rare moment of misbehavior or imprudence.

Your weaknesses will almost always be tied to your perception of your status. It it is far too easy to drift into arrogance, feelings of entitlement, and uncompromising behavior. Criticism is something you cannot take from anyone but yourself and can cause you to dig in your heels even when you know you’re wrong. Leo-born make fantastic friends and partners, with a loyalty that is unmatched. The only factor competing with the ones you love often comes from within and is purely selfish behavior. Lions are most vibrant in their social and love lives, putting all passion into their partners, and all energy into keeping their adoring crowd entertained. In relationships, possessiveness and jealousy can rear its ugly head, so it is a good idea to catch these feelings early and address them.

Leo Guidance And Needs

The lives of the Leo-born are not often very difficult, but you must take care that you don’t overlook what is most important to you. You revel in challenges so you should always strive to challenge yourself by keeping your powerful traits in line. Nearly all of your traits are positive in moderation but frustrating and self-defeating in excess. If you have ever heard that the same thing that people love about you is also what they hate, that is the reason. Even a king or queen needs balance and must share the stage with others every now and then. Partnership is where you truly shine and allow your passionate warmth to embrace your mate. Romance and the like come easy for you, so be sure to do something extra special that requires effort for your partner to show you do not take your love for granted.

Aquarius men and women are your karmic partners, but it is common to gravitate to other signs that share the same warmth that you do. An Aquarius woman or man provides an ideal balance, and won’t feed your ego solely because it exists. The water-bearer thrives in the constant excitement and fun you provide while being a perfect match for your outgoing nature. Pisces and Libra are also great options that mesh well with your personality and needs, either through similarities (in the case of Libra men and Libra women), or an unimposing relationship where your strengths are desired and needed (in the case of Pisces men and Pisces women). If you end up seeking a sign that is as fun-loving and high-spirited as you, Sagittarius men and women tends to make a great match but be aware that there is no off switch for the days you are feeling lazy or relaxed – not something that translates well for the spontaneous Sagittarius woman or man.

As Leo men and women, you are blessed with innate abilities that most signs can only dream of. Put your energy into good and you will light up the world of those around you. Times will get hard and you will ultimately make mistakes, but it is how you decide to handle them that will define who you are. Leave your pride at the door when dealing with loved ones and good fortune is bound to be in your future.

This article was meant to give you a basic glance into the common traits of the average Leo even though each and every one of you is different. If you hunger for more guidance that is specific to your needs and individual situation, consider speaking with one of our many online psychic advisors for deeper insight and clarity.

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