The Empowerment Column: Self-Mastery

by Psychic Advisor: Beyond Amazing

Self-Mastery is the state of Complete Fulfillment. Never forget that our shared common goal in this life is fulfillment. All we simply want in this great adventure in being alive is to be satisfied,

♥ Emotionally ♣ Mentally ♦ Financially and ♠ Spiritually.

Fulfillment comes from achievement.  Achievement comes from Right Action. Right Action is born out of Right Thinking, and the basis of Right Thinking is Right Being. We decide how we choose to be in any case either way.  We can be a winner or a loser, which in most cases is more about one’s attitude than actual results. The more we have Self-Mastery the better our attitude will be.

Self-Mastery is the part of you that responds to everything that happens.  How you respond to anything that happens reveals your self-discipline or self-control and self-mastery. When something happens, we can get angry at it or we can be informed by it.  Whatever it is, it only matters if or when we say so, otherwise it has no power to anger us except for the power we surrender to it.

Complete Self-Mastery is Heaven on Earth achieved in our individual life.  To reclaim our birthright to experience Heaven on Earth simply requires mastery of the Four Suits according to the ancient science of the standard deck of 52 Playing Cards.

Mastery of the Four Suits means that we achieve the unconditional love and ever-expanding Happiness of Hearts ♥, the Knowhow and Intelligence of Clubs ♣, the Abundance and Prosperity of Diamonds ♦, and the Perfect Health and Divine Wisdom of Spades ♠.

You can do this, unless you insist on convincing yourself that you can’t. In the weeks to come, we will further explore specific methods to achieve mastery in each suit.

Self-Mastery is not necessarily something that you have to ‘make happen’ because, on a deeper level, what you’re really doing is ‘allowing it to happen.’ This inner-state activates the Law of Attraction behind the people drawn to you right now or the direct experiences you are having.

Our quest or individual pursuit of Self-Mastery or to simply be the best we can be, can only result in overcoming the necessary challenges to enjoy the happiest Lifestyle possible.

Eternal Blessings,


Author’s Note: This week’s message is dedicated to Noelie Martin of Las Vegas.  Noelie is a most adorable, inspirational, beautiful and spiritual presence in my life.  She teaches kids with special needs and is always radiating the light of love either with her dog Neva or with me.  Noelie, I want to thank you with all of my might for allowing me to matter in your life. I am totally awestruck by you.


About the Author:

Rev. Thabiti, known as advisor Beyond Amazing on Keen, is a Personal Forecast Expert at who provides Illuminated Directional Guidance to those who want to enjoy a Superior Advantage over situations and circumstances.

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