The Empowerment Column: Your Powerful Attention

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by Psychic Advisor: Beyond Amazing

Your attention is the most powerful asset you have.  It is so powerful that if you put your attention on the Moon, your attention is there instantly, traveling faster than the speed of light! Another example of the power of your attention is the fact that you can, at any time, bring the Moon to your attention.

Arguably we can say that until anything reaches our attention, it does not exist.  Energy flows where the attention goes. Our life is only a story about the things that get our attention, or to things we give our attention to.

We cannot control everything, but we can control how we respond to anything and the way we respond to things that happen reveals the truth at that moment about our level of spiritual maturity or level of consciousness.  We cannot control random thoughts that enter our mind, but we do control which ones we give our attention to, and which thoughts to simply ignore.

If you are sad, angry or depressed, it is because of the things you are choosing to bring to your attention.  You always have the power as your birthright to shift your attention away from anything, anytime and anywhere.  If you are joyful and enjoying a magnificent, life it is once again because of what you are choosing to bring to your attention.

Having this awareness means that being happy or sad is a powerful and yet a simple conscious choice we can make.  Joy is the natural state of the Soul.  This is the reason why we ask, “What’s the matter?” or “Why the long face?” if we are not being joyful.

YOU are the only one with the exclusive power to decide what will and will not get your attention.  YOU are the one who decides how much of your attention something will or will not get.  YOU are in the driver’s seat at all times. Keep your attention on things that deserve it.  If “Time is Money” then we have none to waste!  What affects you are only the things that get your attention.

The next time you encounter someone who is feeling down, simply notice how they refuse to let go of what they have their attention locked onto, and this is why they are upset. The thoughts and ideas being fed to the attention come from our choices.

Ask yourself “Does this advance me towards my goals?” before you give it your attention or continue to waste your time. Give your powerful attention only to the thoughts, people and things worthy of the honor. The purpose of Life is for the expansion of happiness.  Your life is a precious gift.  Enjoy it to the fullest.

Eternal Blessings,


Author’s Note: This week’s message is dedicated to my beloved friend Naomi Corbett Kelsall from Ireland who now resides with her husband in Florida.  Naomi is a super achiever who created a group on Facebook that currently has nearly 20,000 members who love getting Tarot Card and Intuitive Arts readings.  She is a living embodiment of love, wisdom and light.  Naomi has always been there for me with abundant support and why it is necessary to honor her today on this huge platform for all of her selfless service to humanity.


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Rev. Thabiti, known as advisor Beyond Amazing on Keen, is a Personal Forecast Expert at who provides Illuminated Directional Guidance to those who want to enjoy a Superior Advantage over situations and circumstances.

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