What We Can Learn From Life’s Surprises

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by Psychic Advisor: Mysticalcraft Arriana

When we think of surprises, we tend to think of the good type, like the raise at work, the flowers from a loved one, or even just a little win on a lottery ticket; but we need to remember that they go both ways, and sometimes life throws the bad surprises at us, like we get unexpectedly let go, we break up, or we get a bill that wipes out our vacation funds.

Life is about balance. Often, we need to remember and prepare for the unexpected. It is hard to prepare for something we are unaware is coming; but in truth, we can do some things to prepare for a rainy day or a monsoon, if necessary.

This is not just about putting a dollar away each week for unexpected costs or having spares of things. We need to prepare emotionally for the hidden aspects of life. No matter who we are or how best we prepare, surprises will still happen because life likes to keep us on our toes!

Could it be our karma? Yes, it could be. No one ever really expects the karmic kick from life because we like to forget the aspects of life we regret. But bottom line is, energy always comes back, especially when we least expect it. That’s karma for ya.

We need to remember that when life comes crashing down, we can’t take it personally. We need to show the universe that we see the trouble and we will face it with adversity, learn from it, and move on. What other options do we have? We can fix things and often, a surprise is a lesson in disguise. We need to stand up and make amends or changes in our lives. Change scares people at their best and paralyzes some at their worst, but it is important to not hide from our challenges.

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We need to allow ourselves a few moments to vent, to cry, to freak out! Then, we should take action because we only allow issues to get worse by avoiding them; so, put on your bravest face and deal with the challenge ahead of you. You will end up feeling better than ever because you overcame the hurdle that life threw at you. This boost to your self-esteem helps you continue to get ahead in other areas of your life. Use your energy to continue jumping over other hurdles.

What do you do when your life seems like it’s falling apart? First step is to start at square one. Don’t try to deal with too much at one time. This is a common error we all make, and we end up becoming overwhelmed and make rash choices we regret. Take time to sort out all your options to help yourself during this time in your path. See the options and outcomes by thinking it through to the end of the plan. Some plans may sound good at first, but in the end, they do not bring you where you want to be. Also realize that relying on others can be tricky because if they let you down, then your plan goes away. Try to do as much on your own to resolve things and take control of your options.

After you take the time to work out a rough plan, sit back and work on the first steps of it. Decide how best to attain your goals and do not overthink it, or else you will start doubting yourself. After you act on this, you will move forward. If it doesn’t work out, then go back to the drawing board. See what went wrong and what went right and modify your plan, then act on it again! Waiting for a miracle is never the right first step because miracles tend to come once you start to help yourself. When the spirit around you sees that you are trying, then they will reach out and put you on the right path that can and will work for you.

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Life is not easy and the good things can be hard to win. Working for the good is always worth it because we will feel a sense of accomplishment when we face our challenges. Even though it is our responsibility to deal with what life throws at us, there is no shame in reaching out to others (including friends, family, and professionals) for help. It is nice to get outside input when we are feeling stuck.

When you start seeing the results of your efforts, your confidence will soar and you will feel in charge of your life. At this point, look back and see the lesson life sent you. Be proud of yourself for taking charge. Life is about moving forward, learning, growing, and having fun along the way!

Bottom line is, when life sends you a surprise, be it good or bad, take charge and deal with it. Even good things need to be dealt with. Give things attention and come up with plans that will allow you to rest easy at night because you will know that you are in control of your own actions and choices, even when life throws you a curve.


About the Author:

Arriana has been a dedicated Keen reader since 2001. Tarot is her speciality as well as pendulum and dream exploration, married with 3 standard poodles. I have many adventures in Canada and the US and am blessed to be able to be apart of the Keen family.

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