Essential Facts About Animal Ghost Encounters

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Some of our most powerful bonds are not with other humans but with our pets. Could those ties survive even death? Could you be sharing your home with the ghosts of previous pets? Mediums, psychics, and parapsychologists—researchers who investigate haunted sites—say, “Yes.”

Why Do Animals Haunt?

Most hauntings center around a trauma—a tragedy or sudden death creates an emotional “bruise” that traps spirits in time and space. That’s why battlefields and historically violent places, such as the Tower of London, are frequently the sites of paranormal activity. Animal ghosts, on the other hand, are less likely to be the result of agony or hurt in life.

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The majority of household animal ghosts stick around for more benevolent reasons. Their attachment isn’t about past trauma, but a vibrant emotional connection with their owners or their homes. The connection between master and pet can be so powerful in life that it borders on telepathy. After death, that spiritual attachment does not fade. That’s why the ghost of a pet may act as a guardian angel, a divine protector. For example, animals that are loyal and defensive in life, like Rottweilers, might not see death as a sufficient reason to leave their post. There are stories in the psychic community of phantom barks scaring away would-be home intruders; most likely these cries are the defenses of an old pet.

Of course, animal guardian angels don’t always wait to spring into action until the danger is near. Much as in life, they can ease the burden of an emotional struggle with kisses and cuddles. The question is whether an animal ghost’s owner can consciously perceive its affection. Not everyone is well-attuned to psychic phenomenon, so not everyone can experience the presence of an animal ghost.

There’s no limit on what kind of animal can haunt. Dogs and cats are the obvious choices, but horse, sheep, cow, fish, and rodent spirits have all been reported. In rural areas, there may be reportings of horses in antiquated saddles riding along roadsides, only to disappear suddenly. Likewise, owners of historical farms may hear disembodied bleats, barks, moos, whinnies, and meows.

How Long Do Animal Hauntings Last?

Some animal ghosts stick around just until they feel their owners are ready to go it alone. Some pet owners experience a warm spot in the place where their recently deceased dog or cat used to sleep, and this will occur for only a few days or weeks. Animal mediums generally interpret this as an assurance from the pet’s spirit that it has found the afterlife.

Other animals stay longer—they may feel their owners still need them, or they may be quite comfortable and happy in their old homes. When a family moves houses, sometimes the ghost of the family pet will accompany it. Undoubtedly, the animal ghost’s attachment to the old house will wane without the master’s presence, and the intensity of such hauntings will typically dwindle. This is not a bad thing—it means the animal ghost has advanced in its spiritual journey. Hauntings that are relatively low-energy may appear only as apparitions in the same place, like a video set on replay. If you’re consistently sensing a phantom tabby cat run through your living room, that might be the full extent of the haunting.

New Home, New Haunting

If you’ve recently moved into a new home, you could encounter a host of mysterious noises and warm spots if the previous owner kept a small zoo. Unless the activity escalates to bothersome levels, these spirits usually offer positive energy. Most homeowners who inherit a benevolent haunting find it unnerving at first, but eventually, they acclimate to the presence of spirits and even embrace the situation.

Although it’s rare, there are animal spirits who have been hurt or abused in life. These ghosts are more likely to be troublesome and frightening than the spirit of your old golden retriever. Like all troubled spirits, the best way to quell their negative energy is with understanding and acceptance. A medium can help you get in touch with the animal ghost to discover what it requires to move on. Before enlisting a medium, though, be sure the medium knows it’s an animal case—not all practitioners are equally skilled in animal communication.

Connecting with an Animal Ghost

If you think you are living with the spirit of a previous pet (yours or someone else’s), you may wish to attune yourself to the spirit’s energy. Although you may not be able to communicate with it as clearly as a skilled medium, you might find harmony and guidance from its presence. There are a few ways to improve your connection. Any psychic training will strengthen your sensitivity to paranormal activity. Consciously welcoming the spirit into your home will also boost your bond and ease any tension—especially if you’re working with the spirit of a previous tenant’s pet. Whenever you’re dealing with an animal ghost, remember that you are working with a remarkable spirit capable of affection, protection, and caring.

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