Get To Know Your Intuition

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by Psychic Advisor Rosalind Medea

When has that “gut feeling” ever lied to you? That inner knowing that something feels “oh so right” or “oh so wrong” always holds true.

We get that “gut feeling” all the time because our intuition is always communicating with us. Our intuition doesn’t just communicate with us through the “gut,” but there are messages in everything we do and everything we encounter in life – from that tune that comes on the radio to that billboard you pass on your way to work, or even that bird feather fallen on the pavement in your path.

Truthfully, our intuition is our own truth detector. Intuition is the one thing in life that’s never going to lie to you; it’s never going to harm you and it’s never going to lead you on the wrong path. It hones in on the bigger picture to inform you of what is really going on, and tells you what the best step is for you to take in any given situation.

There’s no rhyme or reason to intuition, it just is. Intuition is not rational, it can’t be intellectualized, it’s not emotional, and there’s no thought processes involved.

For example, let’s look at one of the most popular TV genres, crime/detective series. Detectives rarely use their intellect or rational mind to help them solve a crime – more often than not, they use their intuition. Intuition enables one to see beyond the façade or “glamour” of a person – it enables one to see the intent of the person they are dealing with.

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As well as warning us, our intuition also enables us to attract that special one. Your heart gives you a warm tug every time he or she walks into the room, whereas your friends and family might not get why you are into them. That’s because the connection you have is one that they will never understand; in this case, this feeling can indicate a spiritual connection that bonds the two of you, and it is your intuition that tells you, “Yes, proceed.”

In a society that teaches one to think, to analyze, to strive for, to compete against and to compare with, one often forgets the single most important thing that should be guiding our lives and that’s our intuition. There’re no negatives when one follows their intuition. Sure, there may be challenges ahead, but your intuition will guide you through both the good and the bad times, making sure that you come out of it with minimal damage.

Next time you become aware of a sign, don’t ignore it. Instead, be open to your intuition’s guidance. What is your intuition needing you to know? And what action is it guiding you to take? Note the signs, the symbols, the smells, the sights, etc. When learning to develop your intuition, like with anything in life, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.


About the Author:

Rosalind Medea is an intuitive reader and truth seeker. She cuts through illusions to help people see the truth in situations and advises on practical solutions that support them in their journey. She also works with the Tarot and I Ching, and loves sharing the wisdom and insights they bring.

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