Have We Met Before? Lovers from Past Lives

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Sometimes “crossing paths” with a stranger is more like a head-on impact. It’s an immediate connection that catches fire and blazes on in your mind long after the conversation ends. The intimacy is undeniable. It’s unnerving how easy it feels. And it seems like magic—finally, someone who gets your oddly specific passion for Japanese teacups, or herb gardens, or that one trashy reality show.

As a psychic advisor, I see many cases where “Have we met before?” is a loaded question. Short answer? It’s possible that a random encounter with a stranger you can’t forget is a reunion with someone you knew in a different time and place. But how can you tell?

What’s next for your love life? Find out with a psychic love reading.

A Fateful Collision

A client of mine, Marilyn, is a 43-year-old schoolteacher with one messy divorce behind her. She considered herself out of the dating pool and actually seemed to be working to keep it that way. Whenever she met an attractive man, she saw only potential problems. Hopeless and awkward dates weren’t worth her time, so she just didn’t go on any.

Marilyn came to me after an extraordinary encounter on a cross-country flight that started when she knocked her coffee off her tray table and onto the passenger next to her. As she apologized, frantically wiping down the table, she noticed that her neighbor was holding a now-soggy copy of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables.

“You know, that’s my favorite book,” she said.

“Oh yeah? Mine too—I read it every year,” he answered.

She had noticed his sharp looks before, but hadn’t planned on talking to him. A man that handsome and well dressed in a crisp white oxford shirt probably spent more time looking in the mirror than she did.

But she had misjudged his character, and the next four hours passed too quickly. He was shockingly easy to talk to and they covered just about every subject she cared about: books, her 2nd-grade students, his career as an oncologist, their hometowns, and even her divorce. He was divorced too, and his warmth and empathy overpowered Marilyn’s natural inclination to clam up about her marriage. She wanted to keep talking, and apparently he did too, because at the end of the flight he asked to exchange emails.

“I hope this doesn’t sound weird, but I feel like I’ve known you a long time,” he said. As Marilyn sat in the cab on her way home, she felt alive in a way she hadn’t experienced for a long time.

Unconquerable Emotions

A week later, there was a message from him in her inbox.

Truthfully, Marilyn told me, she had been obsessed with him all week. “I feel like one of my students in puppy love—I’m being so stupid!” she bemoaned. Marilyn had been replaying their conversation in her head constantly.

“What’s wrong with being attracted to him?” I asked, although I was pretty sure I knew the answer.

“It can’t possibly work. Have you ever heard of a brilliant doctor falling in love with a certified child wrangler? And we don’t even live in the same state!”

Sure enough, Marilyn was designing her own failure.

“But you still called to talk to me,” I pointed out.

“It’s just that I haven’t felt this way since I met my first husband. I feel so immature and out of control. Can you help me understand why this man has got me so shaken up?”

The Secrets of Past Lives

I immediately thought Marilyn was facing a past-life encounter, where two souls that interacted in a previous life meet in the present day. Of course, they’re still carrying the baggage from their old lives, even if they don’t know it. These encounters don’t have to be between romantic partners, and just because you know someone from a past life doesn’t mean you should be together now.

The most common romantic relationship dynamics of past-life encounters are:

  • An unresolved relationship, where two souls are seeking closure from a trauma in a past life, such as infidelity, death, or abandonment.
  • An addictive relationship, where two people who are just no good for each other take more than one lifetime to work out their fatal and destructive attraction. Though they may be the wildest in the bedroom, these relationships spell trouble everywhere else.
  • A soulmate relationship, where a pair of lovers that fundamentally complete one another seek each other across time and space.

Now, if a guy was an intolerable bore when you knew him in ancient times, he may not be any better now. Or, he might be feeling guilty about facing off against your brother in a duel, and wants to make it up to you. It takes some intuition to know.

Romantic Revelations from History 

I guided Marilyn, in a psychic regression, to access her past-life memories. She reported a clear vision of herself, twenty years younger, in a magnificent gown in the Royal Court of Versailles.

“I’m rich,” she said. “But I was born poor. I’m married to this guy I hate, but I can’t leave him. My family depends on his money.”

“What’s happening around you?” I asked.

“I’m reading a little book. There’s a servant bringing me—oh, it’s hot! He spilled the tea all over me!”

“Who’s the servant?”

“It’s the guy from the plane! Oh my goodness, he looks different, but I just know it’s him.”

“Now fast forward a little. Where are you?”

“Okay…It’s a warm evening. We’re standing at a doorway in the servant’s quarters. We’re very much in love. He’s asked me to leave with him to England. He says the violence in the streets is getting worse…this is our chance to be together in safety.”

“How do you answer?”

“No. I can’t leave my husband.”

Marilyn came back to the present, and with a devastated sigh she told me, “I lost him.”

“It might not be too late,” I said.

Rescuing True Love in the Present

After her regression, Marilyn believed that she was so drawn to this man because of their enduring and passionate connection long ago. I cautioned her that this revelation didn’t guarantee a successful future.

“I know. But I can’t bear to think of losing the chance twice,” she said.

Marilyn replied to his email, and a long-distance relationship began not long after. Now, a year later, they’re mutually relocating to the same city. She’s grateful for the reading that showed her that love can survive even when circumstance, time, and space seem to conspire against it—it only needs one chance.

The drama of the past often bleeds into the present. A KEEN advisor can identify and advise past-life encounters so you can create love in this life. 

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