Healing Light by Renee: Spreading Good Through Spiritual Healing

Healing Light by Renee

For as long as she can remember, Renee, known as Healing Light by Renee on Keen, has had a strong connection to spirits. One of her first memories is at the age of three when she made breakfast by herself and, when her mother asked how she knew what to do, Renee told her that her grandmother was there helping her. “I saw her so clearly, as if she was still alive,” says Renee. “My mother was definitely scared at first, but she eventually realized that I really did have a special gift. I didn’t realize I was different until years later when she explained to me that not everyone could see the things I saw.” Renee’s ability to see spirits connects her with the people she comes in contact with. “I’ve always been able to feel what others are feeling and, because I can see the spirits that surround others, I’m often able to obtain information from them. I become the medium, and I speak the spirit’s words. The words just come out and, more often than not, I don’t know what the message means, but the person I’m talking to understands.” 

With no intention of giving readings professionally, Renee went to school and studied business. However, while dealing with the unexpected death of her younger brother, Renee decided to work with an energy healer. “She helped me tune into another set of skills that I have. I trained with her for 10 years, learning about spiritual and energy healing.” At the time, Renee was working at a nail salon, and she began to incorporate spiritual healing in her services. “I loved working with clients—teaching them what I knew as well as learning from them. I was fascinated by the flow of people coming in and out of my life and the way we were helping each other. I was constantly developing new skills and honing my abilities.” 

While working in the salon, a client suggested that Renee look into becoming an advisor on Keen. “At first, I wasn’t sure if it was right for me because I was doing more healing rather than psychic readings, but I finally decided to check it out and was intrigued by the opportunity.” Renee listed her services under the “life questions” category. “I was drawn to that because I felt it was an area that I could utilize spiritual healing with my clients.” Two years later, Renee became so popular on Keen that she left her job at the salon and has been a full-time advisor ever since. 

Seeking Illumination 

Renee is passionate about continuing to learn and develop skills. For the past 25 years, she has been training in Reiki, energy healing, past life regressions, energetic blockage removal, and spiritual growth. “In all of my experience working with teachers and mentors, I’ve learned that we never stop growing and, over the years, my desire to become better at what I do and provide the highest level of healing has only gotten stronger. I never want to get stagnant, which is why I’m often drawn to people who want to learn—they push me to improve myself.” Renee loves sharing her knowledge and has found that many of the people she’s connected with on are looking to develop their own healing skills. She’s even mentored several of her clients who are now advisors at Keen as well. “When I connect with someone who has intuitive abilities, I feel blessed to walk that path with them as they realize their calling, and I do my best to help them tap into their gifts.” 

Renee is extremely voice sensitive, which gives her the ability to provide accurate phone readings. “When someone calls me, I sense their energy through their voice. In that way, I’m able to connect with them and, from there, we go on a journey together. We discuss what they need to talk about, and I help them clear out any blockages that are inhibiting their inner peace. We open ourselves to be led where we need to go to find healing and, by allowing the conversation to flow and letting the spirits guide the session, I’m able to lead them to whatever it is they are meant to discover.” 

Some of the topics Renee focuses on with her clients are grief healing, relationships, and the exploration of feelings. “My approach combines the physical with the emotional. Everything we’ve experienced in the past has a memory bank in our bodies and that energy can often get stuck if we don’t address it—especially if the emotion is negative. I use an energetic process that takes the negative energy, transforms it into light, and releases it from the body.” 

Radiating Hope

Although Renee has intuitive abilities, she prefers to do spiritual and energy healing calls. “I feel that psychic readings can cause people to get stuck waiting for an outcome that they think is inevitable instead of realizing that they have the power to work for the outcome they want. When I do healing calls, my goal is to help people understand what they are feeling and why, and then we clear out the bad energy that’s weighing them down. Once we’ve done that, they are free to experience life in a positive way. I believe that once we get rid of the things that weigh us down, we are able to find happiness within and, with that positive energy we’ve let in, we attract what we want out of life.” Renee believes in giving people the tools they need to achieve their own goals and empowering them to believe in themselves. “I don’t allow clients to become dependent on me because that’s not in their best interest. I consider myself a problem solver, and I want to equip others with the tools they need to take control of their futures.” 

Being an advisor on Keen has given Renee balance between Earth and spirituality. “It’s given me the opportunity to grow and provided a way to connect with more people who are searching for answers and need the type of healing I can provide. I know I’m not the reader for everyone and that’s what is so great about Keen—it provides a platform for diversity and a reader that is right for each person. The most important thing, for me, is that everyone who calls feels good when they hang up. Each call is unique, and I don’t know where we will end up, but as I connect with each individual in that moment, I know that, together, we will end up where we are supposed to.” Renee is passionate about healing because she believes that, by helping others feel better, she is spreading good to the world. “It’s the ripple effect—when we’re happy, we spread that to others. That light gets passed on from person to person and little by little we are changing the world. We all have different gifts, and when we work together, we get closer to peace.” 

If you’re looking for an advisor who can help guide you through spiritual and energy healing, advisors on Keen, like Healing Light by Renee, can help.

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