How to Stay Rooted and Start Thriving

by Keen Psychic: Francine Rose

Imagine you are a tiny seed in the comforting soil of Gaia, ready to burst to life. Roots sprouting in every direction ensure you will not be unearthed by exterior forces. Harsh weathers try to wash you away, animals try to pluck you from the ground or trample upon you, trying to keep you from growing into your full potential. This is why a healthy root foundation is vital for survival. We notice this in our waking life while trying to grow: people try to hold us down, discourage us from achieving our dreams, and try to feed off our failure. We must recognize these destructive forces for what they are, while planting our roots deeper and stronger to help us bloom into Spring.

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Winter months, seeing the destruction and death of life that surround us, reminds us to take those macro-vibrations into the micro of our soul. To let go of a past that isn’t serving us and to only keep the nurturing lessons. We watch the red, orange and yellow leaves fall upon the ground until they fade, curl, and decompose to replenish the soil, feeding our foundational root system. We remember there is beauty in this death, for everything must come to an end and fuel new beginnings. By doing this, we rise above the depression and rot of Winter. We must take the lessons from our suffering and troubled experiences, and fuel our spiritual life to blossom into higher realms. If we are willing to stop and listen to the guidance of nature, we can fully know our soul’s purpose.

Winter and Spring merge together in vibrant colors. There is no definite moment when Winter turns to Spring. Seasonal colors blend together and transform into new life. Where our shadow and light merges in the middle of shades of grey, we can examine and honor both sides. The light and darkness define each other, creating harmony and balance. You can’t live only in the shadow or it will overwhelm and blot out the light. You can’t live only in the light or you will become exhausted and burn out. Just as the day ends and turns to night, so it is with the duality of our spirit. This creates harmony through restful reflection, which elevates a higher dimensional self and raises our planet into its highest potential.

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Spring is a time to harness all the nutrients of life and to burst out of the ground stronger than ever. While holding your position and fighting back against life, you thrive as the beautiful flower you are. All flora and fauna have a purpose on this planet that is unique. Spring doesn’t come without pain. Growth has its struggles and discomfort. We must utilize the support systems we have, the loving people and healthy outlets around us, to find calm and comfort.

We cannot ignore the discomfort or stifle it with addictions and distractions. Just as mushrooms form a beneficial relationship with their surrounding root systems, or trees release water to their neighbors to help them survive, we should be doing this within our community. Even small changes cause ripples that grow throughout the forest and play into our daily life, changing the world. Working within the trinity of truth, loving compassion and self-empowerment, we can accomplish our soul’s deepest purpose. When you walk within this trinity you can feel the vibrations under your feet move and the air hold your presence.

Forging these valuable relationships and strengthening your support system will help you to prepare for the summer months. You can fully be in your light until your shadow comes around again with the Fall and Winter, allowing time to reflect, die, decompose and learn from our growth of the past year.


About the Author:

My name is Francine Rose and I’m a wife and a mother of two boys. Being spiritually gifted as a child with no direction was a confusing path to live. I was a successful fashion designer assistant and decided to stay home to raise our children. Learning more about my past life, my cartomancy gifts, clairvoyance, and intuition, I harness the energies from the universe to help others discover their soul purpose.

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