Johnna Duke: Online Psychic Guiding Others to Better Their Future

Johnna Duke

Johnna Duke considers herself to be a normal person who just happens to have an extraordinary gift. She actually lived the first portion of her life unaware that she possessed psychic abilities. “People are usually quite surprised to hear that my personal life isn’t that much different than theirs,” she says. At the age of 10, however, she discovered that she had a unique talent. “I would get a feeling about something and words would just come to me. I don’t know where the information came from.” Her accuracy made people start listening to Johnna when she said things that might normally be considered outlandish for a child to say. “Learning when to share my psychic thoughts with others was difficult at first. I used to just say whatever feelings came to me, but I quickly realized that most people don’t want you to tell them that you know personal things about them. Eventually, I decided that unless I felt someone was in danger, I would wait to be asked before sharing.” 

Johnna did psychic readings for her friends and family throughout high school but never considered doing it professionally. She attended college, got married, started a career in accounting, and had three children. In 2007, Johnna’s friend introduced her to Keen. “I’d been doing readings on the side, very casually, so I decided to give the site a try. I immediately fell in love with it, and my client base grew quickly.” Johnna loved working from home and found that being an advisor at Keen was more fulfilling than anything else she’d done. Three months later, she left her accounting job and has been with Keen full-time ever since as an online psychic.

Establishing a Connection 

Johnna has given thousands of psychic readings in person, over the phone, and via chat or email, but she’s found that she prefers the phone and chat because it’s easier to get an accurate reading. “When you are sitting face to face with someone, they often have their guard up. Sure, they want a reading about a particular topic, but even people who are open don’t want you to see everything about them. That’s one of the reasons I love Keen, it gives people a chance to feel somewhat anonymous. It allows clients to feel more relaxed, which then enables me to see into them more clearly. Because of that, I think Keen is better for both the reader and the client.” Johnna’s ability to sense how others are feeling also helps her give accurate chat readings. “I don’t need to see someone or hear their voice to feel their energy, I just need to connect with them in some way. That ability helps me reach a much larger client base because chats are really great for people who have a language barrier.” 

Another one of Johnna’s strengths is her ability to see glimpses of the future. “If people ask me when something is going to happen in their life, I am usually able to sense what will be happening around me at that time in the future—I might see how old my kids are or I’ll feel what season it’ll be.” Johnna stresses that, although she can see what lies ahead, it doesn’t have to be the outcome. “I can tell someone their future based on the path they’re on, but I can also show them there is a way to change that and guide them down a different path if that’s what they want. And even if the future doesn’t look the way they wanted it to, I’m able to show them that everything will eventually be okay, and there is always a way to get through hard times. I love being able to provide that comfort and sense of peace to my clients.” 

Helping people change their futures for the better is one of Johnna’s favorite things about being an advisor. “The most impactful readings are the ones in which I’ve been able to guide someone who was in a bad situation or an unhealthy relationship and encourage them to break free from that negative cycle. Many people call me in times of crisis or in a very emotional state and, when that happens, my job is to help them look at things from a rational perspective and understand that whatever they’re experiencing is normal. Then I can guide them toward the best decisions for their life so they can achieve the outcome they want. It’s truly rewarding to be able to support someone like that and help them take control of their situation and change their course for the better.”

Nurturing her Relationships 

Johnna loves developing relationships with her clients and always makes sure to follow up and check in with each of them. “It’s truly an honor to be in a position where I can guide people with important life choices. I’ve made lifelong connections with some of my clients and have even been invited to several weddings. There aren’t many professions that give you the opportunity to develop that type of relationship with people. As an advisor, my main goal is to help people and, every time someone thanks me for my guidance, I am reminded and reassured that I am doing something wonderful.”  

Johnna takes all of her readings very seriously and makes sure she is fully present for each one. “I know that people trust me with personal information that they don’t even tell some of their closest friends, so it’s important to me that I’m able to completely focus my energy on what I’m doing. I never take calls when I’m not prepared, and I always ensure that I’m in my workspace with no distractions.” 

An Honest and Compassionate Voice 

As an advisor at Keen, Johnna takes pride in her accuracy as well as her compassion. “Being empathetic is so important. People call me about sensitive issues, and I always make sure I’m being honest, but in an understanding way. When a reading is negative, I always offer advice and help my clients find hope for the future.” Johnna is dedicated to helping her clients and takes the time to discover the root of the problem. “I think, as people, our actions are always motivated by either love or fear. People usually call for relationship advice or to discuss something they’re afraid of. Once I can determine what’s motivating their actions, it’s easier to understand what they need from me. I strongly believe that if I can help someone work through their fears, it can really change their life. Those are the moments when I feel that I’m truly having an impact on people in a positive way.” 

Johnna believes that we are all intuitive to an extent, but some people are simply more open to it. “Just as someone born with athletic or musical talents needs to practice their craft, it’s the same with psychic abilities. I definitely got better with experience and felt more comfortable with my gift the more I used it. I had premonitions and feelings my whole life, it just took me some time to learn to trust those instincts.” Johnna suggests that anyone who hasn’t done a psychic reading before and is considering it should go in with an open mind and heart. “There’s nothing to be afraid of—readings can actually be very comforting. And when you are choosing an advisor, listen to your instincts. So often in life, we talk ourselves out of doing the right thing because we aren’t listening to our intuition and following our heart.” 

Whether it’s your first psychic reading or you’re a seasoned client, advisors on Keen, including Johnna Duke, can help you learn what your future holds and how you can take control of it. 

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