Psychic Advice in an Uncertain World: Getting to “Know Thyself”

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“I don’t feel rooted. I feel like … everything is too loud and too rushed. I feel like I am always running, but there is no starting line, and there is no finish line. The world sounds like someone not making sense, and when you ask them to clarify, they just start screaming the same gibberish even louder.”

              -Marie, a client

As psychic advisors, we’re used to being asked to make sense of things. There are specific issues or problems we’re asked about: love, work, and making big decisions. But sometimes, we get calls from people who are just confused or feel anxious, and they aren’t sure why. They feel lost and adrift. Our job is to help them understand, first of all, that they are not alone. Many people feel this way, but few know why. 

What Marie was asking about was a feeling of deep, unrooted uncertainty, a kind of widespread anxiety that is part of the modern condition. Marie didn’t have anything outwardly wrong: She had a job that she didn’t love but didn’t hate, either. She was good at it and the pay was steady. She had friends and a great relationship with her parents and older brother. So she said that she was hesitant to call. She was just always feeling stressed and lost. She talked to doctors, but there was nothing physically wrong with her.

Mentally, though, she seemed to be suffering from a kind of environmental stress. The world is noisy and chaotic, even if you live outside of a city. It is fast-paced and instant communication makes it even more so. People like Marie feel they are always running and chasing something. When I asked her if she felt that way, she said, “Yes, but I don’t even know what it is I’m chasing. I just know I’m never going to catch it.”

These feelings of uncertainty have only been heightened by the rush of globalization and communication technology. We swim in a sea of information, with more capabilities than at any time in human history. We can reach space and talk to someone across the globe, but that hasn’t cured what makes us human: our fears, our loves, our loss, our anguish. When people call us, we talk not just about the proximate cause of their stress and anxiety, but the root causes as well. Economic uncertainty, national dislocation, the atomization of the internet: all of these conspire to knock off us off our feet, but often, anxious feelings of uncertainty go deeper than that. And that, as psychic advisors, is what we look to explore. The first thing I wanted to ask Marie is if she felt that she knew herself. 

Psychic Wisdom in an Uncertain World

Humanity may seem remote and weird in a time where we are creating new technology seemingly every day, but we still have the same deep desires and dreams. There is no app that actually gets to the root of who you are, where you are going, and why you are here. The Delphic Oracles said that the first wisdom was “know thyself,” and all else springs from that. The problem is that we don’t know ourselves well enough because we aren’t asking the right questions. 

“Know thyself.” It is the easiest thing to say and the hardest thing to practice. That’s why it helps to have a little guidance. As psychic advisors, that is what we do. We’ve helped people understand themselves better through Tarot readings that help them parcel through bewildering decisions about love and work, or provided guidance on mending a familial relationship that’s been preventing them from moving forward in their life. Psychic advisors can see into your soul, and in doing do, hold up a mirror so you can see your truth too. That’s the heart of what we do, and it’s how we help you cut through the noisy confusion of the modern world. Part of the gift of psychic readers is that we tap into the roots of humanity’s essence, and can work with you to find yourself. 

That’s what my reading with Marie discussed. We went deep into her past to find where she felt she lost the thread of her life. She was always chatting, texting, and posting: creating an image that was partly herself, but also partly not. She didn’t know where the Marie of the world began and where the Marie inside her heart ended. Our sessions were extremely productive, helping her discover what it was inside herself that she wanted to bring out to quiet the rest of the world. To know herself. 

A psychic advisor can help you ask the right questions to find yourself. Together, we can use the wisdom that people have used for millennia to guide you toward self-knowledge, which is the only cure for the modern condition. When the world seems too much, and you feel lost, spiritual guidance can push the fear of uncertainty away and help you find your place in the world. 

If you’re feeling lost, confused, or anxious in a world that seems to constantly be changing, you’re not alone. Advisors at get calls and chats about these issues all the time, and we’re here to help.

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