Let Beauty Bloom: Letting Go of Fear, Anger, Worry, and Guilt

Man standing in a Sun Flower field

by Keen Psychic: Rev. Thabiti

As we joyfully and gratefully welcome the arrival of a New Spring, let us stand up together in celebration and open our arms to the sky, just like the unfolding petals of a beautiful flower in bloom. It is now time to shake off the tough lessons of the past and begin anew. It is time to release and let go of or clear away the FAWG. Clearing the FAWG means to live without Fear Anger Worry and Guilt.

We now enter this moment with our hearts and minds wide open, receptive to the absolute truth that is revealing itself as The Bloom, which is also The Giver and Provider of All Things. The generosity of The Bloom is so great that we are given more stars than we can count, more air than we can breathe, more water than we can drink, more food than we can eat, more places than we can visit, more books than we can read, more websites than we can click on, more people than we can ever meet. Simply stated, there isn’t enough time to enjoy all of the fun things there are to do and we owe it all to The Bloom. The Bloom reveals the underlying beauty and essence of The Divine that says “See Me Blooming Everywhere I Am.”

Within you, at the center of your being, is where the ever-expanding bloom begins and becomes expressed as your talents, unique charms and creativity. Within each of us and beneath all of our surface level differences is the same I AM presence blooming into expression. It doesn’t matter if we say “I am white or I am black” or “I am male or I am female”, it is the same I AM that says “For I make all things new.” It is this I AM presence (which is never an absence) that is blooming in and through us all.

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When a farmer plants a seed into the ground, they can water and fertilize it, but then there comes that ultimate point of surrender where the farmer has to yield to the presence of a Greater Intelligence that determines how it will respond to the planted seed. It will decide, and not the farmer, where the stems and branches will go and what color or shapes the leaves will have. This illustrates or proves the existence of a Greater Intelligence that has abilities and capabilities that we don’t have, and which causes things to bloom. Since we are interacting with it is why we begin this new season sowing the seed of the affirmation that says “I AM CAUSING POSSIBILITY WITH NO ATTACHMENT TO OUTCOME.”

It is important to remember that Nature has rules that must be followed or conditions that must be met in order for the bloom to take place. For example, we can have seeds in a jar for hundreds of years which will do nothing, but when we finally put the seed into the proper soil with water, sunlight and the right temperature, then the bloom magically happens. When the sperm meets the egg, the bloom magically happens.

Our Life each day is an innocent mirror reflecting our attitude, perception and belief. This Universal Law is why ANYONE with a Bad Attitude is GUARANTEED to be miserable. Blaming and excuses is the recipe losers use to fail.

We are always living in the bloom in the same way, it is always here and now. We are blooming into fuller expression towards the greater good and the highest joys imaginable, because to bloom means that we can only become more and never less of our True Self.

The Love Intelligence blooming throughout the Universe is the reason why we heal. The goal of the bloom is fulfillment and the purpose of the bloom is for the expansion of happiness. In other words, all we really want in life is to bloom or be satisfied in these four Areas or Suits – Emotionally♥Hearts, Mentally♣Clubs, Financially♦Diamonds and Spiritually♠Spades.

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Your Life, which is your greatest teacher, will never make a mistake (in the same way that the Sunrise is never late), and will always put you in the perfect situation necessary to activate your conscious awareness or awaken you spiritually. As your awakening starts to bloom, you’ll begin to experience an upward shift in your perception, where you no longer lack anything because you now see that you have been given more than you know what do with.

Each Day is blooming with infinite possibilities and blooming with unlimited opportunities. Your Life is A GIFT to be enjoyed and not some problem needing to be solved. Stress is caused by choosing to be at odds with what is. Cosmic Law says, “The more we complain, the more we shall be given to complain about and that the more we become grateful, the more we shall be given to be grateful for.”

We cannot control everything, but we can control our response to anything.  How we respond to the things that happen will truthfully expose and reveal our level of conscious awareness or spiritual maturity. Within us is the birthplace where blooming keeps happening, and this is why we are bursting at the seams with unlimited potential.

As we continue to grow in the awareness that we are shining the Light of the Eternal Life that is constantly blooming into expression as more love, beauty, Truth and Light, we get better and better at seeing it in others. Now, let’s look for, notice and see this bloom or beautiful light shining in others and then treat them as if it’s the only thing we can see.

Happy Blooming!


About the Author:

Rev. Thabiti is the world’s foremost authority in the scriptural teachings and ancient science of the 52 Playing Cards. As a Spiritual Advisor and Personal Forecast Expert, his name is “Beyond Amazing” at where he provides illuminated directional guidance to give you better control of your destiny.

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