Queen of Wands Reversed Tarot Card


The Queen of Wands is a powerful card, representing strength, passion, and courage. But when the card is reversed, these positive attributes begin to slip away. The once strong queen begins to weaken and her self confidence diminishes. But she will never reveal her struggles. Instead, she acts as though nothing is wrong. As she falls further away from success, the reversed queen of wands becomes increasingly desperate. She is willing to stoop to malicious behaviors in order to tear down those around her, elevating herself in the process. And she’ll do it all with a deceptive smile on her face. If you see the Queen of Wands reversed during a tarot reading, here are a few things that the card may be trying to tell you about your life and your future.

In Need of a Recharge

The Queen of Wands reversed may mean that you are struggling with a major burnout. You probably tend to take on far more than you can realistically handle. While you may be able to bear this heavy burden for a period of time, constantly being on the go and under pressure inevitably takes its toll on you. It often hits you suddenly – the exhaustion, weakness, and inability to carry on. But you are too proud and stubborn to ask for help. You would rather be completely self sufficient. This may be motivated in part by a desire to keep everyone else ignorant of the fact that anything has gone wrong in the first place.

Trying to continue forward when you are burnt out will get you nowhere. Take the break you so desperately need. And don’t be afraid to ask from help from those around you. Everyone goes through hard times in life – let your friends and family be there for you when you need them most.

A Warning of Evil

If you see the Queen of Wands reversed in a reading, it may serve as a warning about someone in your life with an evil streak. They use their charm and lies to manipulate those around them like puppets. They are addicted to drama and love playing people against one another. While this person may pretend to be extremely intelligent and creative, they lack any real knowledge to back up these claims. Their bitterness and desire to destroy the happiness of others usually stems from repeated setbacks in their own life.

In Control

This card may also represent someone who likes to have everything “under control.” They see themselves as a person who is extremely efficient and organized in everything that they do. As a result, they feel most comfortable when they are in charge of the situation. After all, who could handle things better than they can? But whether this extreme level of self confidence is deserved or not, it can send the wrong message to others. This attitude comes off as pure arrogance. Others will perceive it as an attempt to domineer and interfere in everything.


When you see the reversed Queen of Wands appear, it may be trying to warn you about someone who is not loyal to you. Often referring to a woman, this person is being very two faced – showing you one side of their personality, but acting in a completely different manner behind your back. This may be a close friend or romantic partner. While they might seem as though they are there to support you, you cannot confide in them at all. They are ruining your relationship with their deceit and infidelity. Any trust you place in them will only cause you trouble down the road. Be careful in dealing with this unfaithful person, as they might be out for revenge if you upset them.

Bad Business

A boss’s bad approach to business may also be the meaning behind the queen of wands reversed card. They are too focused on the big picture for the company, that they neglect to pay attention to all of the little details required to achieve the success they desire. This detachment makes the boss feel unapproachable to their employees. They are unwilling to listen to any suggestions or advice. This boss would much rather dictate exactly what happens in the company.

A Loss of Confidence

The reversed Queen of Wands may be an indication that you have lost your self confidence. Maybe things haven’t been going your way lately. It is hard to keep your head held high when you have been suffering from one blow after another. Or perhaps you feel as though you must hide things about yourself from others. You fear what they might think of you if they knew the truth.

Sometimes the best way to regain your self confidence is to simply begin to act as though you are confident. It might be hard or feel fake at first, but the more assertive you are, the more comfortable you will become with it. Find the light within yourself and show the world who you really are. People are usually attracted to those who are bold and confident. Better days will soon follow your resurgence of confidence. If you fail to take action, however, you will only continue to fall in a downward spiral.

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