Out With The Old, In With The New

by Keen Psychic: Dianne Evangelista

Our wonderful world comes to life every spring with the birth of color and rejuvenation. It’s a time for renewal and new beginnings. Not just for Mother Nature, but for all forms of life on our beautiful planet.

Springing forth new cycles in life means letting go of old worn out habits and tendencies that no longer serve us. It’s also a time to release ourselves from other individuals in our lives that are not for our highest good. People who drain our energies and create negativity in our lives will keep us from advancing spiritually. The only such people we should keep in our lives are the ones we are giving of ourselves to help along the way. Being a caregiver for someone who is ill or lending a helping hand to someone in need. But if the relationship is with someone who is using you consistently or is abusive in any way, then you need to disconnect and start anew. Always keep company with those who uplift you.

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“Bloom” is really the message of Springtime. To bloom now, we can become proactive and start projects we have been planning in the past. It’s also a time for inspiration and creativity. A perfect time for artists to manifest their deepest inspirations. A great time for starting that new business you always dreamt of. Even time to do Spring cleaning and to purge old items from the home or office. A time to organize and re-decorate your surroundings. Make your home or workplace your own! Plant your yard and watch it grow. These are your sacred places where you spend most of your time, so make your space a healthy one.

Of course, Spring, the time when all life blooms, has always represented fertility and birth. It represents prosperity and abundance which we all deserve. May Day comes from an ancient Pagan holiday and was celebrated for centuries by many cultures. It’s the season for crops to spring forth from the ground which supply nourishment to sustain life for us all.

So how can we rid ourselves of the old, once we realize what is needed to be released from our day to day lives? Is it always easy to cut off destructive relationships that drag us down spiritually? Or to start that new business we always dreamed of? Of course not. For the most part it takes courage, strength and persistence. It takes energy, time and dedication.

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Let go of fear for it will only hold you back. Fear blocks you from opportunity and cuts you off from all inspiration and creativity. Creating new beginnings is what makes us grow and evolve, so we can manifest new and exciting opportunities. Then we can experience what is best for our future and those around us.

So take the leap and bloom! It’s the season to bloom and grow. That’s what we are here for, not to just exist and carry on old patterns that no longer serve us. I love the saying, “Just do it!” Bloom and enjoy life with love and hope for the future. Live your life to its fullest and follow your dreams. And offer a helping hand to others that need a lift along the way.  Remember God is always within to keep us strong, so know your future is virtually limitless! And shine a light on everyone in your path.

Take care and let me know how your future path is forming. I am available on Keen to offer counsel and give intuitive spiritual readings along way.

Love and light. God bless!


About the Author:

Dianne has experienced the “Out of the Norm” since early childhood. Spirit communication has been a major focus of research and personal experience throughout her life. This connection to the spirit world was handed down from her mother who had similar experiences as well. She assists others through difficult times, to help them advance spiritually.

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