Visualize Your Own Rebirth

by Keen Psychic: Dream Lily Rose

As the winter chills fade away, flowers bloom and the Spring heralds the transformative energy of rebirth and creation. This is a wonderful time to remember we are spiritual beings having a human experience. As spiritual beings, we can attune the energy inside us to the vibration and energy of the seasons. Winter’s energy is very introspective, a time of going within and taking inventory of our lives, and of what is working and not working for our highest good. When Winter passes the season’s baton to Spring, the energy is one of rebirth, where we shed winter’s old habits and what no longer serves. We then bloom into alignment with the next phase of our spiritual path.

Bloom into your highest vibration this Spring and be in alignment with your Higher Power. Set boundaries in draining relationships and say ‘no’ to what isn’t for your highest good. Cleanse your body and renew your health: salads, water with lemon or apple cider vinegar are a few ideas to detox and fresh your body, and by extension your soul. Health is wealth, and as we cherish this temple our spirit is housed in, we feel better inside and out.

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Spring is a good time for clearing meditations and cleansing the energy between ourselves and our twin flame. We let go of any negative energy in our relationships with our soulmates and connections in our everyday lives. Clear the energy between you and your twin flame or soulmate through clearing meditation. Focus on forgiveness for any wrongs and on balancing the energy and karma between you two in all directions of time. Clearing the energy in a meditation can resolve blocks and obstacles that keep twin flames apart. Remember, free will always supersedes any meditation, because we cannot interfere with someone else’s free will.

If the timing is not right for you and your twin flame to be together this Spring, you can still benefit from cleaning your energy. Your connection to your twin flame will become clearer and lead you two back together in divine timing. Some twins will only meet once in a lifetime; others spend a lifetime together: it depends on the contract you decided on before you came into this incarnation. You chose this contract for the benefit and highest good of you both. Trust you made the right decision with your twin and that whatever you two decided is right for you. Every twin flame relationship is different. Cleanse the energy and you will bloom into the best version of yourself, and your connection will be clearer from the meditations you choose. Trust the process of life to bring you together in Divine timing, and this will align you with Source and refresh your chakras.

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Meditation is also one of the most powerful ways to cleanse your energy and renew your connection to Source. Attune yourself to the energy of the season by having some items near you when you meditate. Some rocks from a stream near you, a flower or a picture of a flower which you like and which resonates with you, can all heighten your connection with the Universe. The energy from these photos or of a place in nature you love, such as a garden or a forest scene can also be used. You can work with the energy from the photo, and as you meditate, feel like you are really there and benefit from the soothing, refreshing vibrations of that flower, plant or place. I love to meditate with pictures of white roses and orchids because their energy resonates with me.

The energy of the orchid photos or having a white orchid plant helps me bloom into my highest vibration when I meditate in the Spring. I feel rejuvenated and my connection to Source is refreshed. Hear the birdsong, feel the grass under your feet, and imagine yourself with Source in this nature place. At the end of a meditation, I like to finish by holding in my hands a glass of water or a photo of waterworks, and I reflect on three things I am grateful for. I thank Source for providing for all my human needs while I am in this temple which is my body for this lifetime.

In our spiritual state we are already perfect, though in this human body we are here to experience life and to keep growing and learning. The cycle continues in the circle of the seasons and of life. Being in alignment and renewing our connection with Source in our human bodies allows us to bloom in the garden of life and to continue growing into the best version of ourselves.


About the Author:

Dream Lily Rose is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner. Specializing in tarot and love/relationship readings, she helps her clients uncover their true feelings and discover the potential of relationships. She works with angels, fairies and flower energy. Lily offers angel and oracle card readings, chakra balancing, aura and energy cleaning, and dream interpretation.

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