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Have you ever felt like your relationships are cursed? Or perhaps your career path has left you feeling unfulfilled? These situations often result from a cycle we’ve fallen into unknowingly. If we don’t take the time to recognize how our actions impact our circumstances, it’s difficult to know how to break these cycles. PandoraP, an advisor on Keen, specializes in uncovering unhealthy patterns and teaches her clients how to take control of the things they’re unhappy with so they can create the future they want.

After 30 years as an advisor, Pandora has worked with countless individuals who are looking to improve various aspect of their life. No matter what their concern is, she’s found that there is usually a commonality in behavior that links their situations. “Without knowing it or doing it on purpose, we often develop certain patterns which causes us to relive the same lessons over and over again. If someone comes to me and is frustrated that none of their relationships last, I ask my guides to help me see a preview of their history and how they got to this point. By doing this, I can pinpoint why certain patterns are developing and figure out how to break them so you can live a happier and more abundant life.”

Pandora enjoys helping people solve problems and encouraging them to take ownership of their lives. “I answer all sorts of questions for my clients—some want to know if they’re with the right person or how to communicate more clearly with co-workers or how to deal with a difficult person. But, the most powerful thing I can do for anyone is help them look at a situation from another perspective and give them the tools to analyze the recurring themes that connect their negative patterns. Uncovering the root cause is the first step and, from there, they can step out of the ‘victim’ role and take control. When we learn to approach life from a new direction, we free ourselves from the negative energy that made us feel trapped. Sometimes a shift in focus is all we need to achieve our highest potential.”

Deep Connections

At the age of four, Pandora experienced her first vision while lucid dreaming. “At the time, I didn’t understand what was happening, but I now know that I was astro traveling—which is a way for souls to connect in a different dimension. It requires a lot of concentration, but those first few experiences opened me up to my gifts by awakening my senses and teaching me how to receive.” Many of Pandora’s family members also have psychic abilities and, growing up, she was encouraged to use hers as well. “My grandmother taught me how to read a deck of cards when I was seven, and using our talents was a very normal thing around our house. I even remember my mother sending me telepathic messages to pick up certain items from the grocery store before coming home—this was before cell phones,” she laughs. “We had a very strong connection and using our abilities was just part of life for us.”

As a teenager, Pandora began learning about astrology and taught herself how to read tarot cards. “Once I started giving readings to people outside my family, I realized just how accurate I was. I really enjoyed doing it and knew it was something I wanted to pursue.” By 18, Pandora had stopped using cards and was focused solely on giving clairvoyant readings. In 2000, she signed up to be an advisor on Keen and discovered that she was able to connect even faster and more deeply over the phone and computer. “The electronic connection actually amplifies the caller’s energy for me. I really love developing relationships with my clients in that way.”

An Open Channel

When Pandora gives a reading, all she needs is your name, which gives her permission to access the information she needs. “I receive messages through various senses. I see, hear, taste, and smell things which I share to enhance the reading. Everything comes to me very quickly—it’s often like a barrage of feelings, and it’s up to me to dissect it all and communicate it clearly to my client. On a very basic level, I’m acting as a channel. I’m the open source that information can come through.” Over the years, she’s learned to say everything that she receives and never hold back. “I can’t attempt to analyze it as it’s happening; I just have to relay what I’m experiencing. When I allow myself to purely be an open channel, that is when the most clear messages come through. In a sense, I’m giving the universe permission to use me to bring the most important information for the client to know at that time.”

For those curious about their love life, Pandora can often give a description of your soul mate and tell you how you’ll meet. She’s also very accurate with timing and can predict when an event will take place. Additionally, her skills in medium work allow her to connect with souls that have passed on to the other side. “It takes a lot of practice to communicate with spirits because many of them haven’t been there long enough yet and lack the knowledge to send messages in the right way. Usually I’ll just get an image of something that’s a sign for the client so they can recognize who the spirit is. From there, I can determine what information they’re trying to get across.”

A Partner on Your Journey

Pandora considers being an advisor an extension of her purest self. “By nature, I want to help others. My goal is always to inspire people to find happiness and for everyone to leave me feeling better than when they called.” Pandora strives to develop strong connections with her clients so she can help them beyond the information they get in a reading. “Once a trust is established, it’s not just about predicting what will happen or seeing the future, it’s about working through whatever they’re struggling with and addressing their feelings and their outlook. My hope is that I can go above and beyond and not just tell them what will happen, but also provide them with the tools they need to take control of their reactions and change the future if they don’t like the path they’re on.”

Pandora is proud that she still has some of her original clients from three decades ago. “I believe that people become attached to a specific reader, not only because of their abilities, but also because there is a deeper connection between them. I think we are matched cosmically in some way. Because of that, I view myself as a partner on your journey—I’m there to help you understand whatever messages come through and empower you to make your life the best it can be. My philosophy is to remain open, positive, and nonjudgmental so you feel safe enough to take your destiny into your own hands and transform your life.”

Advisors on Keen, like PandoraP, can provide psychic readings and advice to help you get on a positive life path.

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