A psychic in the foreground, visualizing her client's soulmate who appears in the background

A common discussion with your psychic will be about your soul mate. What will he look like? How will you know it is him? How long do you have to wait? Many psychics have clairvoyant visions or spirit guides to deliver images of the man in your future who will make all the difference. The critical thing for you as the person being read is to be patient with the images your psychic describes. Many psychics speak in metaphors and see visions that communicate in archetypes. For best results, you need to take in your reading as a grand description rather than a detailed measurement of his pecs and abs. Absorb the descriptions of the imagery and scenery. Let the word pictures that your psychic paints melt into your own psyche, allow them to become part of you.

If your psychic is getting a vision of your soulmate and tells you she sees a man with a gray beard, don’t blurt out “Eeeew, yuck, I’m not gonna go out with an old man!” For one, it will disrupt the trance of seeing in which your psychic is likely having these visions. Additionally it will lessen the psychic’s confidence in your intentions. If your call for a soulmate was really about getting a booty call buddy from the universe, you are asking the wrong question when you ask to know what your soulmate looks like. The key is to not react at all. If you listen deeply, your psychic can often pull you into their intuitive trance and you might even be able to share in their colorful vision of the man who will complete you.

But back to that gray beard; it doesn’t mean that you should be stalking the malls during the holidays looking to pick up on Santa Claus impersonators. It doesn’t mean that you should ask your grandfather to set you up with one of his friends. Like many things your psychic will likely see, it is a metaphor. It is a word to describe an image that goes beyond the verbal. When your psychic sees a man with a gray beard in a soul mate forecast, she is seeing a man with wisdom, with worldly experience. Instead of freaking out, you should be getting excited that the man who was meant for you will not be an adolescent who needs nurturing but a partner who has invaluable perspective to offer you.

Common Soul Mate Visualization Elements

Here are some other soul mate vision elementss that often have an otherworldly feel to them. When your psychic describes things that are outside of the context of contemporary life, look to see what the big picture archetypes can mean about who your man to be really is.

  • Crown
    There are just not as many single and available kings and princes out there looking for a girl like you these days. If your psychic describes the man of your dreams wearing a crown, it is a metaphor for him having status and a position in the world. Perhaps he is a lawyer, a doctor or some other successful civic leader.

  • Throne
    This is like the crown but with even more job security.

  • Wearing a Ring
    This could mean he is intent on getting married, is currently married but will not be when you two meet, or that he is attending a prominent school represented by a prestigious class ring.

  • A Soldier
    This could literally mean he is currently in the armed forces. But metaphorically, a soldier is a man who stands up for what is right, is a fighter for a just cause and has a strong set of beliefs. Your psychic is seeing a man of character.

  • An Army
    The vision of your man to be in an army connotes accomplishment, loyalty and being a team player. Your future soul mate has achieved status in a group. He may be an athlete or student scholar at present.

  • On Horseback
    Your soul mate is not the last cowboy or a jockey at the races. This is a vision of the speed at which he travels into your life. He is a far distance off at the present, but when your time to meet arrives, it will be in a split second. The horse is a metaphor for distance followed by speed.

  • Trapped in a Castle
    The vision of a soul mate trapped in a castle is a common one really, and it appears in psychic readings for centuries. If your psychic visualizes your future soul mate trapped in a castle, he is probably in a phase of his life where he is sorting out what he wants to do – perhaps he has lost his job and has moved back with his parents. This vision is a precursor for the future soul mate undergoing a powerful transformation that culminates in meeting and joining you. This psychic vision is tied quite closely to the cycle of Mars, a masculine planet that takes two and a half years to orbit the Sun. When you hear about a vision of your future soul mate trapped in castle, clear your dating calendar starting two years from the day of the forecast.

  • Wounded
    This is a metaphor that is easy for all of us to understand. This indicates that the relationship he is in now will break his heart and it may be up to you to bring him back to emotional health.

  • A Lantern
    A psychic’s vision of a man walking with a lantern is an almost certain sighting of your future partner deep in study, isolated from the world. Perhaps you will meet him soon after his graduation from college. If you are in school too, you might go window shopping for men at the library this weekend.

  • Carrying a Club or Spear
    This is not just a vision of antiquity, your psychic is seeing a vision of ancient times. Your future soul mate will be very physical. Expect him to be a specimen to behold. This vision is a metaphor for a man who is passionate about showing his affection for you in as intense a physical manner as you can stand. Your psychic is telling you to enjoy your caveman.

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