sharing insight

Do you ever have an intuition about what is about to happen to a friend or relative? Have you ever spoken up at a family gathering about what you sensed, felt or predicted? Perhaps you were dismissed by a closed-minded person at the gathering. It is often difficult to relay your feelings about coming events to someone about whom you care.

You have a gift, a vision or an insight into the shape of things to come. How do you deliver this news without causing too much fuss or needless interpersonal drama? You must walk through a five-step process before you bring something up to a friend. Read this when you have the impulse to share your psychic insight.

  1. Premonition or Worry?
    Worry is the number one enemy of the psychic, the interpersonal communicator. So many successful advisors of all sorts work best when they have only a professional relationship with a client. Every parent worries for their children and eventually, most children return the favor and worry about their parents as they age. Anxiety about the future can just be ordinary worry. As always, discussing your feelings about this will result in the response, “Don’t worry.” Good advice!

  2. Vision or Hope?
    Suppose you feel that a close friend’s young daughter will soon come out of her shell and blossom into a confident, radiant young woman. Well, you hope she does and maybe your encouragement is what she needs. We all have hope for our closest friends and the people in their lives. We can even speak of our hope to others, infusing our wish with the energy it needs to be manifested in the real world — and that is a good thing. Everybody has hope. Bringing a child into the world is a hopeful act. But hope clouds true psychic vision and natural intuition. Envisioning the world as you want it is a great way to manifest good things. Your hopeful desires are not a psychic gift, but they are a gift.

  3. Is it Necessary to Share?
    Explaining what you see to people can be a bit risky. Some of your loved ones may not be open to seeing you as a person with powerful intuition. Others may have difficulty hearing insight they may not be ready for. Should you mention it? Will mentioning it change what is supposed to occur? Ask yourself if you will cause more harm, tension or drama by discussing what you see. If you just stay silent, would there be any harm in simply observing?

  4. Is it Just Advice?
    Often the desire to give people advice becomes an irresistible temptation. The urge to tell someone what you think they should do is actually a deeper psychological impulse describing what you would do if you were in their situation. Most people do not take good advice and many resent even being offered the advice. Are you using your intuition or do you have an agenda or a stake in the outcome for your own personal reasons?.

  5. Discussing Your Insight
    When your insight into a situation has no negative repercussions for the individual involved, you should feel free to share your intuitive narrative. If your intuition is that a certain partner is bad for a friend or family member, you might want to get her talking about the relationship. Get her to talk and talk some more. Listen and ask and talk some more. Through the conversation, she should hear herself and find her own insight by assimilating information. Don’t just blurt out that the two of them will never work out. That might make her resistant to hearing you. It would be arrogant and selfish to discuss your vision without regard to her feelings.

There is an art to letting a person know what you see in his or her future. The closer this person is to you, the more delicate the situation becomes, especially if you see darkness up ahead. In clearing out the chance that this is worry or hope on your part and ensuring that you do not create an ordeal or bad feelings with unnecessary speculation or advice-giving, the best way to share your insight is to get your loved one to listen to his or her inner voice.

We all have psychic ability and a good way of awakening your sixth sense is through some of the other five senses, primarily hearing or seeing. Help others to do this and you will not be seen as indulgent or intrusive. You will be celebrated as an amazing friend.

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