SirCheo: An Empathic Psychic’s Advice to Following Your Dreams


What is it that prevents so many of us from pursuing our dreams? Is it the fear of failure that keeps us from stepping out of our comfort zone? Too often, our true passions get put on the backburner because we don’t have the courage to believe in ourselves. For as long as he can remember, SirCheo, an advisor at Keen, wanted to be a spiritual healer, but something was holding him back.

Spiritual Awakening 

Born into a religious family, Cheo was drawn to the spiritual side of things. His mother and sister were fascinated by the mystics and brought Cheo with them to their weekly meditation classes. “I always felt very connected to the universe and the people around me,” he says. As a young boy, Cheo watched his uncle, the minister of a church, speak to the congregation. “That really made an impression on me. I realized then that I wanted to do spiritual healing — not necessarily in front of a large group or in association with a church, but one on one.” 

Growing up, Cheo frequently saw images, heard messages, and had recurring out-of-body experiences. While at the pool one summer, he discovered that being submerged under water heightened the clarity of his visions. “I became fascinated with holding my breath and going under water so I could see these psychic flashes. I wasn’t exactly sure what it all meant, but I was surrounded by people who were open to discussing these things, and I had a safe place to explore my abilities.” 

Empathic Enlightenment 

For as long as Cheo can remember, family members and strangers alike have come to him for advice during times of duress. “It felt like people were magnetized to me. I always listened courteously and offered my thoughts and opinions, but as time went on, I realized that the things I was sharing with them were not necessarily my opinions — they were insights that I was getting through visions. Sometimes I would even get premonitions about someone who hadn’t yet come to me, but when they eventually did, I knew which messages to give them.” 

By the age of 14, Cheo realized that all of his experiences had been happening for a reason. “Everything became much clearer, and it really hit me that spiritual work was what I should be doing. So I developed a process to decipher my precognitive senses and intuitions and, with practice, I got better and better at determining what each message meant and what it was telling me to do or who I needed to speak with.”

Turning Point 

Unsure about how to make a living doing the type of spiritual work he enjoyed, Cheo wound up in a corporate job. After nearly ten years, something changed. “My first child was about to be born and something about becoming a father strengthened my desire to help others, psychically and empathically. I’d always known that I wanted to share my gifts — it was simply a matter of finding the courage to pursue that career path. Knowing that I had a baby on the way made something click inside of me, however, and I realized that it was time to stop working for someone else and start living for myself while encouraging others to do the same.” 

Cheo did some research online and eventually found Keen. “I focused my energy on becoming an advisor and I began to form strong and consistent connections with my clients. It felt like a very natural fit for me and it fulfilled a vision I had as a child that, one day, I would be working remotely, helping people.” 

Energetic Connections 

As an empathic psychic, Cheo receives messages in a variety of ways. He uses all of his senses and is very connected to the energy of those around him. “I have the capacity to sense, resonate, and be in tune with others. Empathy is a psychic trait, but you can’t actually be called a ‘psychic’ until you learn how to efficiently deal with the abilities that come with it.” 

Typically, without even trying, empaths absorb the thoughts, emotions, and energies of the people around them. This can cause social gatherings to become extremely draining, physically and emotionally, if their skills haven’t been honed. However, for someone like Cheo, who has mastered their empathic powers, those same abilities allow them to heal others and give accurate readings of their past, present, and future experiences. “There is no single way that I get psychic information. I simply take it all in and deliver the messages to my clients in a way they’ll best understand and receive it.” 

When talking with Cheo, it’s best to keep an open mind. “Sometimes people expect a reading to happen in a certain way or they’ll want to know about one thing, but I’ll be getting important messages for them concerning another area of their life. Many clients don’t realize that, often, I’ve been waiting for their call for weeks. I frequently have premonitions and dreams that are meant for people I haven’t yet spoken with, but I know the right time to deliver the messages when I hear them speak.” 

The sound of someone’s voice is key for Cheo. “I usually ask for a name or a birth date, but I don’t actually need that information. It’s just a starting point to get the client to talk. The vibrations of their voice are what reveal the reasons for their call. From there, I pick up on their energy and the messages flow from there.” 

Heightened Awareness 

Cheo is fascinated with telepathy and how the clairs allow him to receive information from a variety of external sources, and he finds it especially rewarding to witness his insights coming true. “Many of my clients have been with me for years and, when I see predictions I made a long time ago finally come to fruition, it’s a remarkable feeling. Knowing my clients are happy is deeply satisfying.”

Cheo also enjoys discussing attractions and the different forms of voluntary connection to the universe. “There are many ways in which we can all activate our own psychic gifts and connect with others in a conscious way. This is something I work on with clients who are struggling with a relationship. Sometimes we reach a point where we need to disconnect from someone who is no longer compatible with our spiritual journey. Once we understand that this person is not growing with us or is preventing our happiness, we need to make the conscious decision to karmically disconnect from them.” 

Cheo’s focus always remains on his clients’ best interest. “I truly care about what each person is going through and I try to deliver the information that is most relevant to their situation. We each have our own spiritual journey and my goal is to help others gain clarity and awareness regarding the areas of their life that they have questions about. When my readings encourage someone or empower them to believe that they can conquer an obstacle or pursue a dream, that is always the best outcome.” 

Advisors on Keen, like SirCheo, can provide psychic readings and advice to help you get on a positive life path.

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