Mystic Gwen: How to Prepare for a Psychic Reading

Mystic Gwen

You’ve probably heard that it’s best to warm up prior to exercising and that you’ll do better on a test if you study beforehand. In our daily lives, there are countless activities that we prepare for, perhaps without even realizing it because it’s become second nature. But we certainly notice the difference when we find ourselves in a situation we aren’t ready for — either mentally, physically, or emotionally.

Mystic Gwen, an advisor on Keen, is a staunch believer in preparation. Not only does she go through her own steps to get ready, but she suggests that anyone receiving a reading come prepared as well. “If you know from the beginning what you want to get out of our discussion, you’ll have a better experience, and it’s more likely that you’ll leave with your questions answered.” 

Getting Started 

Gwen has been an advisor on Keen for three years, but she grew up surrounded by intuitives. “My grandmother was a psychic, and she always had her psychic friends over so I learned a lot from my interactions with them.” They taught Gwen to read cards, and she became fascinated with astrology and tarot readings. “For a time, I experimented with candles and the Ouija board, but after seeing objects float around me and actually getting hit with one of them, I no longer try to connect with the deceased. I’ve had too many bad experiences, and I’m not convinced that whatever is being conjured up isn’t some other entity — I don’t want to open myself to something if I’m not exactly sure what it is.” 

In 2013, Gwen decided to look into giving readings professionally. She did some research and found Keen. “I always dreamt of pursuing a career using my psychic abilities, but didn’t know if I could make a living that way. I quickly learned that it was possible with Keen. It’s such an amazing platform and I’m so thankful to have found it.” 

Generating the Groundwork 

Before a reading, Gwen cleanses herself by burning sage and white candles. She then says a prayer. “It helps me relax and focus my thoughts. It’s important to have a clear mind when engaging with a client.” When reading cards, Gwen uses the whole house system, which utilizes the same skills and tools that Nostradamus is famous for implementing. “That system allows me to be the most specific with my answers. Many of my clients come to me during times of crisis so it’s imperative that I am able to remain calm, open-minded, and be as meticulous as possible with my messages.”  

For the most accurate reading, Gwen suggests the following:

1. Collect yourself before talking to an intuitive. Psychics feed off of your energy, and if you’re anxious or closed off, they’re going to pick up on that. Negative energy interferes with how an advisor interprets the messages that come through for you. Try deep breathing or meditation before a reading. 

2. Come prepared. Write out the questions you want to ask or the topics you want to discuss. Once an advisor starts sharing what they’re seeing, the conversation can get off topic if you haven’t clearly stated what it is you want to know. 

3. Make sure your questions are concise and straightforward. The more specific your questions, the more accurate the answers. Vague questions will get you vague answers. 

4. Be honest. It’s obvious to a psychic when someone is skeptical or holding back, and they can tell when their abilities are being tested. 

5. If asking about another person, focus on that individual or hold a trinket from them. It helps to focus your energy on them and makes it easier for the advisor to pick up on that energy as well. 

Gwen says, “The goal is always for my clients to leave a reading feeling satisfied, and the best way to achieve that is to remain calm and open. Some people feel very vulnerable when speaking to a psychic, but I’m here to help, and our conversation is completely confidential.” 

Guiding Your Path  

When speaking with Gwen, you can inquire about a variety of things including love, career, finances, and past lives. “I’ve studied Hinduism and Buddhism, and I have the ability to see how many past lives each person has had, what each life entailed, what their purpose is in their current life, and how many lives are left until they reach divine existence.” Following the concept of reincarnation, Gwen believes that we are all interconnected and that each one of us has our own spiritual journey. “Whatever an individual believes will take place when he or she passes away is what will happen for that person. We play a larger part in our own existence than we think.” 

One of Gwen’s favorite parts of being an advisor is giving good news to her clients. “When someone has been going through a difficult time and I see something positive in their future, it’s so rewarding to give them something to look forward to. I especially love when circumstances work out for a couple — I’m always rooting for people to have happy endings.” Gwen believes that every decision we make, no matter how finite, has a cause and effect. “Time is a manmade concept, therefore, there is always time to alter our course in order to achieve what we want out of life. If you’re looking to change your future, come to me with your questions and we can make it happen.” 

Advisors on Keen, like Mystic Gwen, can provide psychic readings and advice to help you get on a positive life path. Read other stories from Keen advisors on topics from relationships to spirituality to your true calling.

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