Trick or Treat Divination


Out of all the holidays, Halloween is especially meaningful to psychics because our connection to the other world is heightened. On Samhain (a Celtic holiday whose celebrations begin on the night of October 31 and end November 1 in the northern hemisphere, is akin to a festival of the dead), a veil is pierced that allows the spirits from the other side to whisper into our ears if we listen closely. Also, it is a time for spooks, ghouls, ghosts, goblins, and just good old-fashioned trick-or-treating.

A Bit of Halloween History

Although the tradition of guising (wearing disguises and costumes) stretches back to the Middle Ages, the first appearance of “trick or treat” (the warning to a home’s resident that a bit of mischief will be forthcoming if a treat is not given) began in 1911 in Kingston, Ontario. Eventually, the practice spread to other parts of Canada and ultimately made its first American appearance in Chicago in 1920. By the 1930s, the tradition of trick-or-treating became widespread in the United States and eventually permeated the media in 1939.

Halloween and trick-or-treating remains popular in the 21st century and each year more events occur to celebrate the magical eve. Over the years, candy and other assorted edible goodies have been created specifically to cater to children who dress up in costumes and visit neighborhood doors to collect their loot. Those who embrace the Halloween spirit collect and enjoy assorted chocolates, lollypops, candy corn and the occasional piece of fruit.

The Fun Begins

Ashton Kutcher recently tweeted a link to a fun posting from a Houston food blog. The site had posted candy images that were freaky, creepy and hysterically hilarious. The following includes psychic commentary that can be used for divination purposes using these images.

Materials Needed:

A bag of candy collected on Halloween.


Do you wish to know about your love life, career, or finances? Ask any questions that you would normally ask a psychic. Write your question down on a piece of paper.

Spread out all of your candy and look at what you have received. Separate your goodies into categories so that you don’t miss any of the “tricks” or “treats” (special meanings) from the spirits, then refer to the divinations below to receive your answer.


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