Try These Rituals to Plant Seeds for Your Success!

by Keen Psychic: Mysticalcraft Arriana

Spring has sprung and it is important to use the seasons to guide your own growth. Here are some ideas to help you grow and blossom into happiness!!

Plant a flower

Blooming into Spring is a time for growth, as that is what we strive for as we move through life. This is a great time to share this experience with Mother Nature as she prepares the earth for a new season. No matter if you live downtown, the “burbs” or the country, you can bring Mother Nature to your personal space. This is an easy routine that keeps giving and teaches us the importance of self-care, as we nurture nature and ourselves.

You can start with a seed or seedling, and picking up an easy home garden kit or just a starter plant brings this plan into action! Plop it on your window sill and incorporate into your daily routine to nurture this plant with water, sun, and of course good conversation. Watch this creation of nature bloom into its full potential, be your choice a flower or a tomato plant. This is about you, so there is no wrong choice, and for those who say they have a “black thumb”, grab a cactus, as they are very sturdy! As you watch it progress, you can see yourself bloom with it. Apply that same care to yourself and nurture your inner soul as you also bloom.

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Smudging ritual for you

Using white sage, take time to ground and centre yourself, as you slow life down and reflect on your inner core: not the troubles plaguing you, but your own essence, the part that makes you who you are! Have the sage burn and let the smoke flow around you, while breathing in the herbs, as you bathe in the calm and cleanse your being. Use this energy to clear away what doesn’t need to be within your mind. Lose the stress of worrying about parts of life that, in truth, are not your concern, and walk from this experience with a fresh outlook into the path you seek.


The use of Crystals has been around since time began. They are a part of Mother Nature and her healing power brings us growth and calm. Here are a few crystals that can be used to help bring you out of the dark and into the glory of Spring. They can be worn, kept in your pocketbook, or just on your dresser as you start the day focusing on their energy. Absorb them into your energy to start your day. Use the crystals that speak to you, as everyone resonates to their own frequency. This is what it is all about: your path, your energy and your choices. Take time to feel the energy from the stones within your day as you go forth, and be the best you that you can be. That is all Mother Nature really asks of us.

Arfvedsonite is a very powerful crystal for manifestation, which can be used for spiritual growth, clearing the path ahead, and to alleviate depression. Take care in your intentions when using this crystal, as it is very powerful. Use it with caution, and before you manifest, think what you want instead of what you need, as there is a difference.

Red Tiger Eye heals the root chakra and the lower chakras through the organs of the lower body. This can aid in building your confidence as well as motivating your path, energizing and boosting your self esteem. Belief in oneself is vital for our best path ahead.

Green Aventurine is used for healing as well as abundance, calming and emotional healing, and stress reducing. It loosens and releases blockages within our energy field.

Labradrite is highly mystical and heightens intuition and psychic abilities, which makes it excellent for working with the third chakra. Very protective against negative energies as well as sealing your aura from energy leaks. This crystal is best used for navigating changes and challenges.

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Join a new group activity

We all say we should try something new, take up a new activity not just to meet new faces but to stimulate our bodies and minds. Use the Spring Bloom energy to reach out and try something you have been wanting for ages: kayaking and bicycling groups spring up this time of the year, which can recharge the body and mind. Learn at your level and be proud of yourself for reaching out to embrace the challenge. Do not expect to win the gold medal as you start, but the sense of satisfaction will feel golden. Trying something new fills you and brings smiles and laughs to your day! Some of our best memories are not of our successes, but of the path leading to the outcomes.

Don’t overthink it

Changes come one step at a time. As we visualize the outcome we want, we need to step back and remember that life is not a race but an adventure. All adventures start one step at a time and we must plan, or we become overwhelmed. Do not push yourself to be perfect: remember Mother Nature starts with a seed of an idea and grows it to become a strong entity such as you. So just take it a step at a time and do not stress yourself out by trying to leap. Instead, Bloom into who you truly are within!


About the Author:

Arriana has been a dedicated Keen reader since 2001. Tarot is her speciality as well as pendulum and dream exploration, married with 3 standard poodles. I have many adventures in Canada and the US and am blessed to be able to be apart of the Keen family.

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