Waking Up Your Ambition

by Keen Psychic: Modern Sibyl

Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation. A time to emotionally and energetically clear the cobwebs. There is absolutely no better time to bring our dreams to manifest then by utilizing the energy of Spring. Just as the Earth beneath us begins to wake and come alive we all feel a similar internal stirring during Spring. We crave seeing our ideas become real before us. We yearn for our lives to match the vision we have of it within.

But how can we best bloom to our fullest potential? How do we make our lives, our relationships, our careers, the stuff that dreams are made of?

It’s simple, really — through manifestation!

Now I know that many of you may be ready to click out of this article, having been burned by the “think it and see it” approach to manifesting. But I encourage you to stay with me. The method of manifesting I am speaking of is the method I devised and put to work in my own life. It’s how I went from struggling and on government aid to having a multi-six figure business. It’s how I turned my struggling, off again-on again relationship into the marriage of my dreams complete with two beautiful kids and a house in the ‘burbs. It’s also the method I teach my clients, so they can bring about the change they desire to see within their own lives.

In short, my method works. Not just here and there or for the really small things but for the really big, important things and consistently, too. As we welcome Spring and open to the possibility of our life, our hearts and our careers I offer you the following steps to see to it that you manifest your heart’s desire.

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1. Get clear

Let’s be honest, many of us ask the question “Am I on the right path” before even knowing where we want to go. Manifesting, like anything else in life, requires that we have a clear vision of what we desire. It’s not enough to say, “I want a relationship” or “I want a new job”. We have to dig into the details. What does this relationship look like? How does it make you feel? How are you treated (and conversely, how are you not treated)? What does this new job look like? What field is this job in? What does it pay? You want to create a mental picture so vivid you can see it, taste it and feel it in every sense of the word. This energetically helps you to align with that which you desire. Equally so, however, it creates a practical schematic for the action you need to take.

2. Micro and Macro

One of the things we all get wrong when it comes to manifesting is that we think BIG and only big. When I first started manifesting I had just started my business and was making less than 10k per year. Looking to manifest 120k was a goal of mine but I failed at doing it time and time again. Why? Because it was so far outside of what I was living that I had no way of conceptualizing the possibility. And since manifesting follows energy until I knew how to create a pathway from 10k to 120k I would continue to repeat my start and then stall pattern.

Once I started to chunk down my goal of 120k I saw things shift. I started to create multiple tiers of goals under the 120k. I did this by asking myself what do I need to do to make 120k? Then I broke each of those things down into smaller and smaller steps until I had an entire plan that took me from the small to eventually the larger steps needed to get to my end result.

When manifesting, whether it’s a relationship or a fat stack of cash, it’s crucial to have both your macro (large) goal along with your micro (small) goals. When you break something that seems so far outside of the realm of possibility into smaller steps you find the pathway towards your big goal so much more fluid and achievable.

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3. Out of many, one.

True manifesting is not just about your thoughts. It’s not just about your beliefs. It’s not just about your emotions. Instead it’s a marriage of all of these. If an equation manifesting would look like this: BELIEF + THOUGHT + EMOTION + ACTION = MANIFESTING.

Our beliefs inform our thoughts which then trigger our emotions which then lead to the actions we take. An obstruction in one leads to an obstruction to the whole. This is why manifesting requires that we do the necessary self-inquiry into our beliefs. What do we believe about our capacity to receive? Do we believe we are worthy of love? Do we believe we are worthy of prosperity and success? What do our thoughts look like? Are we constantly affirming our inability to catch a break in love?

For example, I had a client who believed she was unworthy of healthy love. She had a very long string of lovers who took advantage of her, ghosted her and outright mistreated her. Every thought she had was centered around the belief that she was unworthy of love. These thoughts then led her to feel dejected, isolated and bitter. This meant that she would then go out and either repel away quality partners or subconsciously seek out those who were unavailable thus affirming her unworthiness.

When she began to shift her beliefs and worked on energetically healing those wounds which caused this belief she saw that her thoughts naturally began to shift. Naturally her emotions followed suit and she felt the stirring of hope that she was worthy of something better which meant the actions she took and the type of person she took them towards radically changed. I am happy to report that she has been happily in the longest relationship she has had in five years and it’s still going strong.

If you want to watch your manifesting game take you from 0 to 60 mph in under five seconds, then I encourage you pay attention to this equation.

Though you may feel that manifesting is nothing more than a gimmick made by those who prey off our desire for a fast turnaround, I assure that this method will change your mind. Yes, true manifesting is not the easy button we’ve been taught, but the little bit of elbow grease we put in through my method gives us lasting and true change.

As we watch the Earth around us come alive once again, we are reminded of the latent potential that resides within each of us. We have a divine right to live a life that is fun, abundant and rich with love.

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About the Author:

Laura Brown (Modern Sibyl) provides insight into love and relationships weaving together her natural skills as a Psychic Intuitive and Tarot. Laura’s accurate and straight forward insight taps into agenda, intention, feeling and guides you on how to shift patterns so your relationships move in the direction you desire.

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