The Woman’s Psychic Guide to Saving Money

A woman's hands holding a crystal ball with a US dollar sign appearing within it

Your eyes light up as soon as you enter the store and see that strategically placed glorious pair of shoes smiling your way. They are so happy – as are you – that you finally arrived to free them from their display doldrums and take them for walks through town.

Next thing you know, one of the shoes is in your hand. The smoothness of its sole excites your fingertips as your eyes lust over its shiny newness. Your feet practically take themselves from the old pair you’re wearing in anticipation of sporting new pumps.

All the while, even as your sense of sight and of touch and your knowledge of the instant gratification you will attain by purchasing the lovely heels send chills racing through your veins, a little voice agrees with you that the footwear is pretty but insists you enjoy only looking at them. And that after a moment of watchful pleasure, you must release the shoe – you must return it to the exhibit where you picked it up – and then you must head over to the pants department because what you really need is to replace the holey jeans you’ve been sporting for too long. Although you may not want to listen to that little voice if you hear it, in your heart you know that you have no idea when you’d wear the lovely newbies or, for that matter, to what destination you’d wear them.

That little voice talking to you, trying to set you straight, is your intuition, otherwise known as instinct or the sixth sense. Your psychic ability allows these telepathic forces to seep into your mind with intentions of keeping you on course. In fact, one of your intuition’s jobs is to notify you if you are about to stray from your course. Since decisions you are gearing up to make in the wrong direction may pull you from your path, your intuition is on hand to step in and guide you whenever your conscious mind is too preoccupied to do so.

When intuition steps in to guide us, we must be prepared to acknowledge and accept its help. In order to be prepared, we must teach ourselves to pay attention to our little voices. For when we lack preparation, we reduce our chances of admitting and utilizing intuition’s assistance. Fortunately, we all have the capacity to receive and utilize assistance from our intuition. Tapping into these abilities, however, sometimes requires us to incorporate a sort of psychic guide into our lives.

When it comes to intuition, the general population seems to have the notion that women and intuition go together like cake and ice cream. The ironic thing about that is that men tend to be more mindful of frivolous spending than women. They don’t seem to care to shop for new shoes and clothes two or three times a month. They don’t seem to care that the furniture or the curtains are old and drab looking. They don’t seem to care that they’ve been driving the same car for eight years and the paint job is showing signs of wear and tear. The fact that these belongings are available to them, that they’re still workable and therefore still serve their purpose, seems to take precedence over the thrill of new items. It’s almost as though they have some kind of intuitive anti-spending device embedded in their minds.

Women, on the other hand, have sort of an inborn need to renew and replace and rearrange things. Perhaps this is because of nesting instincts and the need to appear attractive. Whatever it is, women can learn to modify this behavior in order to prevent themselves from spending money they could just as easily have saved. The way for women to do this is by learning to use the intuition granted them by their psychic ability. In this way, women can increase their capacity to improve their financial status; using psychic abilities as an aid for saving money decreases rationale for spending money and increases desire for saving it.

When women find themselves making decisions having to do with finances, they should stop and ask themselves if they really need the items they’re considering. Stopping and questioning themselves provides more time and more opportunity for little voices that had previously been ignored to speak again. Likewise, when women question themselves, the additional time and their open mindedness enables them to hear and act on their intuitive voices.

When learning to modify their spending behaviors, women in situations like the one above eventually come to replace shoes on racks without thinking twice about it. Or if they really want the shoe, they learn wait for it to go on sale and spend less.

Turning one’s psychic ability into an asset to save money, in effect, turns that knowledge into a financial asset. This type of asset can bring financial gain rather quickly since it steers women toward saving money they might otherwise have spent unnecessarily.

Continual use of the psyche and intuition during times of financial decision-making helps women to further develop this skill. As a result, even if women didn’t enter the planet equipped with an intuitive anti-spending device, as men often seem to have, women can equip themselves with self-made psychic guides that can continue to improve their savings abilities the more they use them. Continual use amounts to continual practice, and as we all know, practice leads the way to perfection.

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