Spiritual Beginner’s Guide to Crystals

Crystals are stones that have a harmonic geometric structure within them. This perfect geometry is said to heal conditions controlled by energy fields in the human body. The placement of a crystal near the point of the body that controls certain energy fields assists in the energy flow, healing that part of one’s psyche. These points in the body are called Chakras. There are seven Chakras and each one can be assisted in its energy flow by wearing a crystal on or near its most sensitive point on your body.

While quartz crystals are the most abundant and readily available crystals, did you know that diamonds and other polished precious stones are crystals? The right crystal on your body can heal your energy and look great on you while doing it!

Understanding crystals is synonymous with understanding Chakras. Understanding where a problem in your life is emanating from brings you one step closer to using a crystal to heal that life problem.

The First Chakra: Muladhara

If you have issues in your life relating to insecurity and anxiety, healing your Muladhara is a priority. A ruby is an especially powerful crystal to apply when resolving the security issues of this chakra. The only problem is that this chakra is located at the base of your torso. Other than ruby-lined panties, it is difficult to get a crystal near enough to this spot to be effective.

The Second Chakra: Svadisthana

Your sex life is influenced by the energy of this chakra. Crystals with a golden-amber hue are effective in boosting the energy of your libido and the ability for it to attract a suitable mate. Practitioners of crystal healing were not surprised to see the trend of women’s liberation followed by the trend of low hanging pants, as just below the belt buckle is the most sensitive point of the Svadisthana chakra – and the lower the belt buckle goes the more this chakra can be awakened! With low hanging pants, a liberated woman heals her Svadisthana and gets the man she desires. A warm golden hued crystal placed just below your belt buckle is much more important for your sex life than just about anything besides the partner you choose! In addition to sex, this chakra helps creativity and artists are recommended to keep a crystal near this area when the need for a muse arrives.

The Third Chakra: Manipura

The issue of personal power is manifested with the third chakra. As women have become more empowered in western cultures, there has been a trend of piercing the belly button in order to hang jewelry – this is no coincidence as it is only natural to express and embrace your personal power by placing a crystal in the form of a gemstone at this power point. The crystal you attach to a piercing here should be as yellow as possible to bring about a transformative personal empowerment that teaches others with whom you interact to follow the path of individual enlightenment.

The Fourth Chakra: Anahata

The issue of love and devotion is controlled by the fourth chakra. A crystal placed in the high center of the chest heals your love losses and makes you ready for a deeper level of commitment in your next relationship. Anahata is best healed by a green crystal or gem. A pendant with a green crystal worn on a chain so that it covers the fourth chakra is a powerful signal. This tells the world that you are deeply devoted to a person and that your heart is healed by the presence of him. Of course, there are those that misuse the power of Anahata and present their lovers with a beautiful jade gemstone with crystal healing power, precisely measured to cover the Anahata. Sadly, in this day and age, green gems on a chain are not so fashionable to give cute boys on a second or third date when your crush is boiling over. Of course, you can always try to start a trend.

The Fifth Chakra: Vishuddha

When you need to communicate something important, the old phrase is “clear your throat.” With crystals, you need to anoint your Vishuddha. A blue crystal rubbed on your throat heals your ability to say what needs to be said. When you need to get a point of importance across and you have a sapphire ring handy, rub it on your throat and tell him how you really feel for maximum effect. If you are confused, Vishuddha also is the energy of clarity in thinking, so a sapphire stone on a short necklace may help. Turquoise on a silver chain that clings to the lowest part of your neck but never strays to the collarbone – this is a way to use crystal healing to help you think clearly. Turquoise stones that have been polished into gem-quality are very effective crystals in healing the energy of your Vishuddha Chakra.

The Sixth Chakra: Ajna

A small crystal or gemstone placed at the spot a half-inch above the centerpoint of your eyes will have a profound effect on the energy of your sixth chakra. Ajna is your intuition. If you have been wrong on gut hunches, oblivious to the places in your world that need attention and protection, developing instinct is critical – often for survival. A white gem – perhaps a diamond – discreetly mounted on the center of the bridge of a pair of glasses will improve your instincts to the level that is required these days to make it out in the world alone. If you are lucky enough to be an October-born Libra, a white opal placed on the Anja can give you guidance as a healing crystal on how to handle political maneuvering at work, school or within a dysfunctional family.

The Seventh Chakra: Sahasrara

Located at the crown of your head, Sahasrara governs your karma and your consciousness. Elevate where you are among your peers and enlighten your mind to ideals beyond the small circle of friends that inform your world view. A purple crystal on a ring that you raise to the top of your head regularly can elevate your being in the ultimate crystal healing ceremony. Don’t be surprised, though, if your whole life is transformed by such a powerful chakra healing. When performed regularly and ritualistically, this is as mind expanding as crystal healing can get.

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