How to Read His Aura

Either you’re in an established relationship or you’re just starting to see someone. In the case of the former, he’s not being himself. In the case of the latter, you want to know what his authentic self is. With these tips, learn to read your man’s aura and find the answers.

Everyone has an aura – the pulsating energy of your psyche. Advanced psychics can actually see the aura of some people. Intensely spiritual people have been known to have such an intense aura of white light that everyone around could see it. The ancient illustrations of angels and saints with halos around their heads are illustrations of visible auras. The man in your life does not have to be an angel or saint for you to read his aura. You don’t really have to see any visual phenomena to get good at reading his aura, either.

Reading your man’s aura is spotting the subtlest patterns and understanding how they develop. No matter what he says, and in spite of some of his actions, the most casual behavior emits the energy of the aura. You don’t have to see the energy; once you spot the patterns you are beginning to read his aura.

The clothes your man wears and the color of the rooms you two are in will be the most important factor in reading his aura. Try to wear white when you attempt to read your man’s aura. As everyone’s core aura color is white and any other color worn by a lover might influence a person whose aura interacts with the particular color of your clothing.

Do not mention coloring of clothing to your man at all. Reading an aura without seeing it involves him being unaware of the procedure. He might get up and change the color of his shirt. As you will see, that could ruin the whole experiment.

Watch how your man reacts to color changes as you two move about locations on a date. Moving from a room with lots of yellows to one with lots of reds might bring out some agitation or pronounced joy – each of these is an indicator of his true aura. The color of your man’s clothing can reveal his aura – if he is usually a passive man and suddenly is agitated and uncomfortable, the color of his clothes is clashing with his aura. Knowing this, you can then determine what his aura’s color is. A man in an angry mood is around colors that clash with his aura. Simple knowledge of the color wheel will allow you to quickly deduce your man’s aura without having to develop grand psychic powers.

Once you have determined your man’s aura, use the chart below to understand what his aura means:

Yellow Aura

Agitation is caused by Purple, pleasure caused by orange and green for a man with this aura color. A yellow aura is a sign of luck and success. This is a man who is on the right path and enjoying it. The longer a man’s aura remains yellow, the more solid his foundation of accomplishment and happiness are.

Red Aura

Red aura men are agitated by green, but relaxation occurs with orange and purple. A red aura is a transitory aura of anxiety. If your man is in the armed services or works in law enforcement or another high stress job with his life on the line, you will read a red aura intermittently throughout his career highs and lows.

Blue Aura

Tension for men with blue auras appears around orange, while comfort is reached around purple and green. A blue aura is prominent wherever learning takes place. A good teacher will actually turn the auras of his or her pupils into a blue aura. If your man has a blue aura, he is on a path of learning something important to him. This can appear if he is changing jobs or has been promoted, and of course, if he is cramming his studies for a big test at school.

Black Aura

As you might expect with black aura people, tension is caused with white, light grey and serene, well-lit areas; yet comfort can be found in oversaturated, psychedelic and garishly over-decorated places. A black aura is bad news. Why would your man insist to you that he is someone he is not? That is who a black aura emanates from: a liar, a con, and, well, worse.

Green Aura

Put yuletide color schemes aside – green auras are made most tense by red. This is a weak aura that shows up when a person is healing from emotional or physical wounds. If a green aura lasts for long, your man in question enjoys being a permanent victim or loves being cared for exclusively. Men who were hospitalized as children have a green aura intermittently when memories of their childhood flood back into their mind’s eye.

Orange Aura

Blue creates the most tension for those with orange auras. Perhaps the most rare aura, it’s always temporary. Take your man to Vegas when you determine his aura is orange. This aura lands in the right place at the right time. Many psychics can often see who is about to win an award on celebrity award shows by looking at the nominated members of the audience for bursts of an orange glow.

Purple Aura

Men emitting purple auras are made most tense by yellow. The proverbial starving artist will have his aura burst with purple when he is actually inspired to paint that masterpiece. Whether or not he makes a million dollars with this creativity, suffice to say, a purple aura is the halo that regularly makes art history.

Rainbow Aura

With this aura, tension is followed by comfort, or vice versa when situation is unchanged. A rainbow aura is the sign of the adapter. If you determine a rainbow aura, you have a man with a great adaptable side, which is fabulous for the long-term, especially in tough times. The downside here is that these men are somewhat unenthusiastic about commitment, so try to pin your rainbow down before you get too invested in the relationship.

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