Create Your Reality with Your Own Consciousness

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by Keen Psychic: Dianne Evangelista

Otherworldly” is really more like “Other Dimensionally.” As quantum physics has proven over and over, we do live in a Multiverse! And to make things even more mind bending, there’s no such thing as linear time. Boy that’s a hard one to swallow, but it’s true!

So, as we see and feel this clear and solid reality, there are actually several other realities going on right here and right now. The past, present, and future go all the way through infinity. Ponder on that for a while.

Then, visualize that our soul is actually experiencing different 3D realities all at once, all right here, just on a different channel, so to speak. When looking at our reality this way, it gives quite a different meaning to reincarnation; especially if each of these different lifetimes is affecting each other. Just another mind bender to wrap your head around.

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Now, let’s just take it a step further. What if our consciousness or should we say, our awareness, is actually creating everything we see and experience while in the physical body? And what if our awareness out of body does the same, just instantaneously? If this is so, like all the great mystics and philosophers have taught through the centuries, then maybe, just maybe, it’s all some sort of illusion. Some call it a type of matrix or simulation. Kind of like a computer program, only we are operating the system. And obviously, some high intelligence had to have created the program! Must be some sort of all knowing, all seeing kind of cosmic awareness to create all this. Right? Some might call it God, or The Source, or maybe, All That Is? Well, however this all came about, it’s still a bit of an enigma. And most likely, our human brains cannot even conceive how it really works. But one thing is for sure, we are creating our own reality no matter what dimension we think we are experiencing right now. So why not make it our perfect most heavenly experience, not just for ourselves but for everyone we come in contact with? It just makes sense to me.

And remember, we all create our own limitations. So don’t think small. And don’t play the blame game. Just learn to take responsibility for whatever you create. No one likes to hang around someone that always feels like a victim and points the finger at others. And yes, other people’s words and actions do affect our reality as well. We seem to be in some sort of interactive reality (or should I say matrix?). But one thing is for sure, what we put out does come back on us!

So why not create the best reality you can imagine? You must “Be It” to “Create It!” And passion gives power to whatever you are manifesting. So, liven things up a bit and be passionate about life.

Dream big and hold on to that dream. After all, if it’s all an illusion then there are infinite possibilities out there!


About the Author:

Dianne has experienced the “Out of the Norm” since early childhood. Spirit communication has been a major focus of research and personal experience throughout her life. This connection to the spirit world was handed down from her mother who had similar experiences as well. She assists others through difficult times, to help them advance spiritually.

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