Making Your 2012 Vision Board

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When you can visualize the world you want to live in, you have taken the first step toward inhabiting it. Then, the fun begins. Can you be in the real world and behave as if the paradise of your dreams already exists? Actually creating what you envision requires you to imagine living there until it manifests in reality.

One way to manifest the world in which you want to live is to illustrate in reality what you see in your mind’s eye. When you create a window into the landscape of your dreams, you actually make those dreams much more real. From your construction, a clearer idea of what you want forms and the way to bring it into existence occurs. The universe will cooperate with your vision when you start describing just what it is that you desire.

The cosmos understand more than one language and truly, a picture is worth a thousand words. There are many ways to put your vision up on a board for the world to see. Vision boarding is a tool for creating the life you want. All you need is a few art supplies and a desire to really live out your dreams.

Try a Collage

Go get a large, blank poster board and a stack of magazines. Then flip through the pages searching for images of the future. Cut out pictures of joyful people doing things you’d like to do and cut them out along with images of your dream home or dream car. Use a glue stick to affix them to your poster board. Or make a bulletin board and mount your picktures on card stock and move these around the bulletin board as you expand your dream of the world you want to experience.

Keep your vision board in a place where you see it every day. Spend a little time each morning, standing in front of your board and imagine yourself having the life you want. When you can actively see your future in front of you, the reality that you want has already been put into existence.

Fire up your Paintbrush

Some people prefer a vision board with a personal touch. Painting and drawing are powerful methods to vision board the path you want your life to take. The magic of painting is that pictorial space does not have to comply with the laws of the real world.

You can blend past and present with the future in any order you choose. Your dream home of the future can welcome your ancestors and the grandchildren that are yet to come if you wish. All can be contained in the same picture. Vision boarding has no rules other than to embrace a process of seeing the future you want and working to illustrate it in all its complexity.

Sculpt your Future

Sculpt a three-dimensional representation of your dream world out of everyday objects that represent different facets of the life you’re creating. If you see your future in business, a tiny model storefront from or a miniature computer might be the base of a multimedia piece. Craft stores have lots of different objects in the dollhouse section. It can also include meaningful natural objects or a toy you’d like to give to your future child or pet. Get creative!

Multimedia sculptures require strong glue and space to work as well as a place to display your masterpiece. The advantage of assembling this type of vision boarding is that you can manifest your desire in three dimensions and allow for playful intermixing of elements. Since real life occurs as a swirling jumble of pieces, this is a great way to reflect life as a happy jumble; one you have chosen.

The Process

Calmly reflect on what the cosmos is telling you and reply with your unique expression, communicating your desire to the Universe. When you are conscious about integrating your destiny with the betterment of humankind, the forces of this world welcome a collaborator.

Vision boarding is similar to keeping a blog or diary. If you make time for it daily, you can develop a ritualistic approach to putting things exactly where you want them to be in the real world. Creating a new reality requires calm clarity on your part. The more effort you put in to designing the vision of your world, the firmer your path will be.

The Evolution of You

Be warned, however, that vision boarding may cause you to powerfully confront a new reality; that you do not really want some of the things you’ve been envisioning. When you create portals into the future, looking at them a week or two later can make you question your desires. You might have been dragging an old dream around for a while or been under the spell of societal pressure.

Vision boarding allows you to evolve. Go big and take chances in adding and subtracting elements to your big board or sculpture. The discipline involved in consistently working in your images will ensure profound growth along the way.

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