Natural Spiritual Alignment

A meditating woman in the lotus position with a sunny, grassy meadow in the background

What does it mean to be aligned with the natural forces of the earth? As children, we are born into Gaia (the spiritual name of Earth) and if all goes well, we learn to live in harmony with her. But the pressures of growing up in a world where there is too much emphasis on material gain and progress, and little or none of spiritual growth, we lose touch with the natural vibrations of the earth. This is the loss of natural spiritual alignment, where we become too concerned with everyday material matters.

To begin to reclaim your natural spiritual alignment, think of the earth as a living entity. Not as a biological space station or an impersonal ecosystem, but as a living creature that nurtures and protects you. This is Gaia, the mother of us all, the Great Goddess of whom we are all her children. Attuning yourself to the earth’s natural vibrations means recognizing Gaia’s role in your life, as mother and nurturer. Loss of spiritual peace is the price we pay for moving away from nature and living lives of such intense activity that there is no time to connect with the natural vibrations of the earth and the cycles of the seasons. The more disconnected we become, the more ill at ease we feel.

If you are intent on finding love, it is the greatest love of all – not of the self, but of the connection between all things in Gaia; the feeling of belonging to the mother and finding unconditional love within her arms. Your heartbeat and brain waves will beat in time with hers, your life will slow down, and you will feel the inner peace that comes with spiritual connection to all things.

To become more spiritually aligned with the earth, take time in the morning to meditate. This is not just a time when the alarm clock goes off; it is the beginning of a new day that has its own promise. Note the weather, how the sky changes day to day, and attune yourself to nature’s sights and sounds. Listen for birdsong, try to identify plants that you see and practice gratitude for all nature does for you. In the evening, see the sunset not as a signal to continue the frantic pace of a busy life into another round of parties and socializing but as a time to watch the patterns of the sunset and reflect on what the day has brought you. Meditate to soft music that includes natural sounds such as water rippling over rocks or whale song. These two simple practices alone will help to ground your spirit, and bring you back to harmony with Gaia.

If you still feel stressed and disconnected, consulting a psychic will help you get back on track again. A psychic will see those areas where you need to feel more a part of nature and where you can explore your connection with the earth. You may consult a psychic who practices any number of disciplines, including astrology, reading Tarot cards, and working with numerology. All of these disciplines can be used to help you find natural spiritual alignment.


Most people think that astrology begins and ends with the Sun signs, but a psychic who specializes in astrology will look for much more than this. A natal chart drawn up for the day of your birth shows where the Sun, Moon and planets were in different signs of the zodiac. Some of the signs of the zodiac are of the earth element, and your psychic will look to see if you have planets in the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. If these signs have no planets represented in them, this may explain why you feel disconnected from your natural alignment with the vibrations of the earth. Astrologers work by the saying “as above, so below,” which means that what is reflected in the heavens on the day of your birth is reflected in your life.

Tarot Cards

A Tarot reader will look at where the emphasis falls in your cards. Are you more concerned with material matters than your spiritual progress? Do you need to take time out to explore your spiritual nature, especially that which puts you in harmony with the earth’s vibrations? An abundance of Pentacles in your reading may suggest that you need to pull back from the pursuit of material goals and smell the roses that Gaia has provided in abundance for you.


A psychic who practices numerology will study your birth numbers to see if you have strayed from your life path, or soul path, and show you how to reconnect with your inner spiritual needs. Reconnecting with Gaia, and feeling the liberation that comes with knowing you are part of a vast loving universe, gives you back your personal power. You will regain your ability to make personal choices and not be swept along on a materialistic tide that even further separates you from your natural self.

A psychic in any of these disciplines will suggest many healing ways in which you can reconnect with the earth’s natural vibrations. A break somewhere to commune with nature may be what you need. The psychic may suggest ways in which you can attune yourself to the pattern of the seasons – for example, by growing a garden. Becoming aware of how nature works will prove a grounding experience for you. The psychic may also suggest a change of diet, moving back to more natural foods and less processed or fast-food choices to give your body the correct nourishment to feed your mind and spirit.

When you consult a psychic and learn the ways in which you have become separated from nature, they can guide you to reestablish that connection once again. The earth has a natural vibration that you can learn to pick up. The earth’s vibration is not like our own. We rattle along to the noise of machines, alarm clocks, and ringing cell phones. When our heartbeats rise to that pace, and spiritual peace is lost. Consulting a psychic is in itself retuning to the rhythms of nature.

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