Finding Spiritual Peace in a Tough Economy

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Caustic phrases and frightening statistics splatter our souls with a daily dose of negativity. All around us a disturbing whirlwind swirls with the loss of jobs, homes, and alas, faith. As panic threatens to overwhelm our lives, the time has come to adjust our focus toward discovering spiritual peace, regardless of what the future holds.

Wake up to wonder when you put spirituality first. Meet your first morning moment with meditation. Stretch with the breath of prayer and listen to the moment you are standing in. Turn your soul inside out to find your sixth sense. Tune into that psychic ability and discover possibility outside the four walls that surround you. Do not move until you find your center.

Create at least four lists. Toss panic off the to-do list because it is a useless pastime and a close personal friend of problems. These lists will help you find the essence of your life.

  1. Most Important Life List
  2. The Negative Realm List
  3. Universe-Altering Changes List
  4. Acceptance List

Most Important Life List

The Most Important Life List acts as a base for soul-searching discovery of what is most vital to your existence. Perhaps you have failed to recognize the important things in your life until this point. Time is a valuable gift that never gets a second chance. This could be your second chance to spend evenings with your family or your sick grandmother. Life provides little accident without reason. Is it possible your higher power has selected you for the job of caring for a relative or friend in need?

Negative Realm List

The Negative Realm List allows you to dive into looking at the worst that could happen. This list holds two purposes: By spending time in a place that frightens you, you face that fear head on. This list offers you a chance to look backward, assess, and see what you would do differently today. Ask yourself, “What if I have to give up luxuries such as cell phones or Internet access? If I lose my home, where and how will start over?” Avoid the temptation to feed the negative, because it will grow. Remember, you are searching for spiritual peace. No peace can be found by living in the negative realm.

Universe-Altering Changes List

The Universe-Altering Changes List shows you how you can be proactive in your approach to handling not only times of struggle, but times of peace as well. Implementing these changes one small step at a time brings you back to the positive. You must work hard to stay in the positive force. Tune out the negative voices of the media, friends, and family. Your spiritual peace is between you and your higher power.

Acceptance List

The Acceptance List is perhaps the most difficult. This list is a palette of things you cannot change in this moment. The key is to accept the things you cannot change so that you can act to change the things you can. Limitations are as futile as panic. Allow yourself space, time, and plenty of sunshine to grow.

Realizing your psychic ability is simply tuning in to the instinct that guides you to do the right things for the right reasons. Seek enjoyment in simple activities. Now is the time to sit down to dinner with your family. Talk to your children about what is most important to them. Take the time to see, smell, and feel the color of life.

In the tough 1930s, board games, spectator sports, and music were the rage. During this time, Parker Brothers invented the game Monopoly. The big band and swing dance music of Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman were born, and “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America” were popular. Baseball grew in popularity as families hovered around the radio to listen to a game. Literature was a great escape for the reader as well as the writer, leading to some of the most distinguished literary works, such as F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath.

Utilize your skills and talents to assess your own current situation, and decide on one or several paths that might contribute to your livelihood. Perhaps you are a strong communicator, great at working with your hands, or possess a gift for artistry. Make yourself more valuable to your employer by furthering your education.

Learn from the past to create a more prosperous future, spiritually and monetarily. During the Great Depression, unemployed textile workers gathered with communities, combining different musical sounds from diverse backgrounds to generate income. This resulted in what they referred to as “hillbilly” music, developing into two musical genres we still enjoy today: bluegrass and country-western.

The innovation that blooms from hard times is no accident. Medical advances grew by leaps and bounds in the 1930s with the introduction of anesthesia and blood transfusions that continue to save lives today. The Social Security Act of 1935 was established to ensure income for the elderly. The Wagner Act gave workers the legal right to unionize. In 1933 the first-ever woman cabinet member, Francis Perkins, was appointed Secretary of Labor, instilling the eight-hour work day, stricter factory safety laws, and laws protecting women and children in the labor force.

If your spirit is in disarray, your life will follow. Maintain spiritual balance through your personal daily routine of prayer and meditation. Though your psychic ability may not predict a perfect future, spend time honing it, and watch windows and doors open beyond your dreams. Discover the truth in your life and live by it. Spirituality is a whisper, not a yell. It will not push. It will only nudge. Listen to the voice. Feel the hand on your back guiding you to a place of peace.

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