voodoo love altar

Maintaining a personal altar in your home is a powerful way to honor your touchstone relics of significance. Rituals you perform at your altar can give you a sense of deep connection to who you are and what you want, which brings forth a sense of having more control over your life. Many home altars honor those who have passed away or reflect the hopes and dreams of the person who has constructed a meaningful life reflection.

Altars can be used to create the reality of your future. By setting up visual cues in a set pattern, you ask the universe to reflect this construct in reality. An altar is a sculptural form that bestows honor and dignity on the objects placed upon it and around it. The patterns and interactions of their positioning create energy that can alter the course of what is yet to be in your favor.

You can set up a small Voodoo Love Altar in your home to create the reality of how you want 2012 to be. If you already maintain an altar, you can devote an area of it to the unfolding future. Here are a few tips to create the reality you want with your Voodoo Love Altar for 2012.

If you are in a relationship, honor the present and the future by having representations of your partner. A photo of your sweetheart is nice, as is a keychain or small logo of a sports team or musical group that is close to your lover’s heart. If you want the relationship to be better between you two, put small stones on either side of the items representing your mate. This strengthens the foundation of your relationship. If you want a hotter sex life with your partner, hide an unlit book of matches behind a photo of the two of you.

If you are not happy with a partner and are considering a separation, don’t put any pictures of the two of you on your altar. Put images of him, alone, with the things he likes. Look at him alone, think about him being alone. Your altar can create the reality in your mind’s eye and inform your emotions about how things will be if he is single. You may have second thoughts after you have visions of other women joining him once he is free.

But your altar should never be a source of confusion. It should help you clearly see a reality that can be created. If it is time to end things, those pictures will make sense. One by one you will remove them and perhaps place a final token of his presence in a shrine you have built to honor your past. Or maybe you will drop his pictures off at the trashcan on the way to moving on to better things.

If you want to find love in 2012, or better yet, if you want love to find you, creating a Voodoo Love Altar as a place that honors this vision is a powerful affirmation of your desires. If you have a specific man in mind, putting his picture on your altar might be a bit gauche, let alone presumptuous. The first letter of his name in a prominent place on your 2012 altar will serve as a reminder of your goal.

If you know little bits of information about him, place indicators on your altar, but don’t be obvious. You want your altar to seduce the cosmos subtly, not announce your crush to the Universe.

If you do not yet have a soulmate in mind but want to make 2012 the year you land him, your altar for the year ahead is a great vehicle to illustrate the man you wish the universe would deliver to you. If a motorcycle represents the type of masculinity to which you are attracted, put a small motorcycle on your altar. Or a pickup truck. Or a limousine. A dime will suffice in letting the universe know that you want a man who is self-sufficient.

Over the course of the year ahead you might realize that certain things about a man are becoming less important and others are more important. A symbol of your religious faith might cement your desire to be with a man who shares your spiritual values. But there are dozens of symbols representing what you want in a partner short-term and long-term. Your goal should be to methodically place the symbolic items that are most important to you on your altar.

Don’t be afraid of revealing intimate details about what you want; just do so in a manner that keeps that intimacy between you and the universe. If you put three items up and immediately post a picture of your altar on a social networking site, you devalue the sacred space that an altar signifies. Your altar for 2012 is something that should be beyond words and never reduced to a superficial illustration of your desires.

Create and arrange a presentation of symbols to harness the power of your desires for the year ahead. Your altar will then prompt the universe to create what you want and deliver it to you.