Focus and Frustration: November Tarot Forecast

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Monthly Tarot forecasts can assist you in navigating the ups and downs of the days ahead with insight and grace. I pull a card for each week with the intention that this card will represent the energies that need to be worked with both personally and globally. Obviously, everyone may experience the card differently, but keep the archetype and energy in mind as the month unfolds.

Week 1 (November 1-6): Eight of Discs (Pentacles, Coins)

As we settle into winter, we get to snuggle in and focus on the tasks at hand. Now is the chance to root down and take the time to create mastery or artistry in our world. This can look like anything from perfecting a hobby to taking continuing education for work to applying ourselves in a practical way toward dreams and goals. The goal is still in the distance, and so, for now, it’s time to work and be proud of what we do. If there is fear that you don’t know enough or don’t have the necessary skills for what lies ahead, be reassured that you do have the tools you need. In the earthy suit of Discs, the energy of the Eight creates a harmonious stability. Look out for perfectionism or analysis paralysis. The best way to harness this productive energy is with joy; a “chop wood, carry water” philosophy.

Week 2 (November 7-13): Ace of Cups (reversed)

Insights and intuitive downloads may happen this week, but they may come in the form of dreams or metaphor. You may feel internally focused—perhaps as a result of the work of last week—so take the time to search within for the ideas and inspiration that are bubbling up. It’s not the time to act on any of this—just notice and perhaps journal about it. Don’t let the insights bubble away with premature chatter. You may have feelings rumbling deep, so find the key situations or people that will hold space for you to quietly express yourself. It’s not a big week for socializing. Honor the alone time you need and give others their space as well.

Week 3 (November 14-20): Seven of Wands

After two weeks of introspection and focused work, our energies are primed for a little sassiness. We may be feeling like we have to defend the progress we’ve made or directions we’ve chosen. Perhaps the urge to share our projects with others has resulted in some feistiness. In this suit of fire, the Seven is trying to affect change or at least move some energy around. It’s jostling for a position and creating a restlessness to go somewhere with what we’ve been working on in the previous weeks. There’s no need to be snippy; get some exercise and engage in play as an outlet.

Week 4 (November 21-30): Eight of Wands (reversed)

There’s the potential for more frustration as we feel the urge to get going with projects and ideas. But steps forward aren’t taking shape as quickly or in the form that we thought, and so additional thinking may be needed. This is another week for insights and messages from your intuition, but they will likely be action-oriented and less emotional. Frustration may show up in a lack of ability to take physical action or as a spiritual circling while you wait to land. The best we can do is to let the energies percolate and move how they will while watching for signs and keeping track of recurring messages—whatever form they come in. Your guides may well be inventive and send you insights on the side of a bus, a cereal box, or through a Tarot reading. Honor your family traditions for Thanksgiving, even if you are over it; now isn’t the time to transform the holiday into something new.

Putting it All Together

The beginning of November sees us settling into our groove as we are graced with the opportunity to be quite happy with a good stretch of productive work. We’ll have new insights as a result, though they may well remain in embryo. The second half of the month is more fiery, and we’ll have to cultivate extra patience for the unfolding of dreams and progress. We’re entering a hectic time of the year, and it’s important to stay centered and inspired. Return to your practices of mindfulness and acceptance, and maintain your equilibrium. Everything will unfold in its right time.

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