King of Diamonds Meaning

king of diamonds meaning

Cartomancy, or playing card readings, has been around as early as the 14th century when traditional card decks appeared in Europe. Cartomancers would look to the cards for guidance, using them as a powerful tool for fortune-telling.

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If you are dabbling in learning how to read the playing cards or looking for an in-depth guide to understanding the cards, read this guide to the King of Diamonds below to further understand the rich interpretations of this card.

King of Diamonds Key Facts

Suit: Diamonds

Upright Meaning: Abundance, wealth, financial security, an ambitious, reliable, protective, shrewd businessman

Reversed Meaning: Materialistic, greedy, gambling, possessive, exploitative, poor businessman, deceitful man

Yes or No: Yes, your hard work will ensure security

Tarot Card: King of Pentacles

Star Sign: Taurus

King of Diamonds Description

The King of Diamonds is dressed in fine robes signifying his wealthy status. His hand is raised toward his face as if he were commanding someone. Behind him is an ax. The ax symbolizes his shrewd ability to make decisions and stick by them. He is a regal, ambitious leader who works to provide security for himself and his loved ones. 

King of Diamonds as a Person

The King of Diamonds represents a shrewd businessman who executes deals, runs companies, and grows wealth with good decisions. He is an excellent negotiator because he is cunning and fearless in his decision-making. At times, this king can get a little hot-headed when things don’t go his way. If he loses, he can become resentful and bitter. This may spark his desire to seek revenge on anyone who has wronged him. 

King of Diamonds Love Meaning

The King of Diamonds can be interpreted several different ways in a love reading. For those in a long-term relationship, this playing card can signify that the relationship is secure and stable. You have both laid down firm roots, and your relationship is built on mutual respect and success. It is likely you are financially abundant with a beautiful home.

For new relationships, the King of Diamonds can suggest a person who is attracted to self-motivated people who are building their careers and are secure in themselves. If you have just met somebody, this card can suggest that the relationship is off to a secure start. The King of Diamonds is someone who thinks more with his head than his heart. He moves slowly and only invests in relationships that are built on emotional maturity.

In a singles love reading, the King of Diamonds may suggest that you are heavily focused on your long-term goals and success. You may be working on your own financial security and stability. 

King of Diamonds Career Meaning

In a career reading, the King of Diamonds can be seen as a positive omen – it may appear to the querent to indicate they will soon be presented with a big job opportunity or financial windfall. If you are concerned about money or are currently seeking a new job, the King of Diamonds often suggests that something new and exciting is just on the horizon.

Since the suit of diamonds is concerned mainly with money and material success, you can expect that this king is pointing to the culmination of this energy. In an existing job, you may be due for a raise or promotion, or you may branch out to start your own business with the knowledge and hard work you have put into your career. 

King of Diamonds Yes or No

Got a burning question you need an answer to? The King of Diamonds can be read as a firm, “yes” to your question. You have the resources and drive to make things turn out in your favor. For questions regarding careers and investments, the King of Diamonds is an excellent omen. You can expect things to turn out in your favor. 

Cartomancy is a powerful tool for divination. Expand your spiritual practice and develop your intuition with KEEN. Read our yes/no playing cards guide to help you better understand the individual cards and how to interpret them with one another in a reading.

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