The Fool Reversed Tarot Card


In tarot card readings, the Fool reversed represents foolishness and poor judgment. It often appears when new opportunities are being blocked due to making bad decisions and following irrational impulses. Other factors that could be impeding you include a disconnect with reality or a loss of inspiration. No matter what is holding you back, the reversed Fool tarot card is usually a sign that now is not the time to begin something new. It is much better to stick with the familiar while you wait and prepare for a better opportunity in the future. Here are a few possible interpretations that you should consider if the reversed Fool appears in your tarot card reading. (BTDubs, if you’re curious about the upright Fool card, we’ve covered that for you too.)

Acting Like a Fool

The Fool reversed tarot card may appear at times when you are acting like a fool. Achieving success in life depends on hard work and dedication, but you are too busy living in the moment to make the necessary plans for the future. Tired of the same old routine, you prefer to act recklessly with no regard for the consequences of your actions. You may excuse this as a journey to “find yourself”, but you may be highly disappointed in where you ultimately find yourself if you fail to stop acting foolishly. Now is the time to buckle down and take responsibility for your actions.

Acting Like a Child

Another possible interpretation for seeing the Fool reversed is that you are acting like a child. Instead of taking responsibility for your own life, you would rather have people look after and pander to you like a child. You have become reliant on others to take care of you. But just as a child must inevitably grow up to become an adult, it is time to let go of your immaturity and take control over your own life once again.

Let Loose

Although many interpretations of the reversed Fool are focused on a need to buckle down and get serious, sometimes this card may be a sign that you need to let loose. Although you might not realize it yet, your life has become predictable and mundane. The best way to break out of this rut is by doing something that is far outside of your comfort zone. Try something new and outrageous to challenge yourself. You might discover secret abilities that you never even knew you had.

The Scam

An unbelievable opportunity has come your way. But the reversed Fool is a warning of a shady deal that you need to be wary of. Just remember the saying that “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Research any opportunities fully before you jump in head first. Just because the deal sounds enticing now, it is likely a clever scam designed to take advantage of you. Arm yourself with information so you are not taken by surprise down the road.

Missed Opportunities

On the other hand, the Fool reversed may mean that you are letting great opportunities pass you by. There are many potential reasons you may be letting something good slip away. Maybe you’ve made some poor decisions. Perhaps you’re simply afraid to take a risk. Your timing could be off. Or maybe you’re ignoring your own instincts, choosing instead to follow the advice of others. It is time to trust yourself and stop missing these opportunities. Don’t worry about the past anymore. Focus on the present and making the most of any opportunities that come your way.

An Uncertain Relationship

During a relationship reading, the appearance of the reversed Fool card may be an indication that your current relationship is uncertain. It is likely that you are both risk takers who are simply enjoying the present, without worrying about where the relationship is heading in the long run. However, spontaneity can be a double edged sword in a relationship. While it may make for great excitement and suspense, it can also lead to a general underlying sense of uncertainty in the relationship. You may find yourself wondering if you can really depend on your partner when things get tough.

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The Workplace Fool

The reversed Fool may be a representation for your current feelings about work. Feelings of competence and success in the workplace depend on you knowing what you have to do in order to achieve the results you desire. But lately, you feel like a fool that is completely out of his depths. The key to breaking through this is a bit of hard work. Draw on your past experiences to put your best foot forward. Spend time researching and learning new skills that will allow you to perform your job more proficiently.

Fear of Taking Risks

Another interpretation for the Fool reversed regarding your career deals with a fear of taking risks. You have a few great ideas about how to get things done, yet you lack the courage to share these plans with other. Put aside your doubts and share your ideas with your coworkers. You might be surprised at the positive response you receive.

A Change of Health

The reversed Fool tarot card may also warn of an upcoming change of health. If you are currently in good health, this may indicate an upcoming time of being accident prone. In this case, you should avoid risky situations in order to minimize the potential damage. If you are currently facing a few health concerns, this card may be encouraging you to seek out a second opinion or try a different form of treatment.

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