Page of Pentacles Reversed Tarot Card


The Page of Pentacles card is focused on dreams and ambitions. It represents new beginnings on exciting projects. But when the card is reversed, the progress on these projects is halted. Whether impacted by external or internal forces, these things prohibit you from completing what you need to do. Here are a few possible interpretations when the reversed Page of Pentacles card appears in a tarot reading:

Blocked Goals

When you see the Page of Pentacles reversed in a tarot card reading, it may be an indication that there is something blocking you from achieving your goals. While these blockages may be the result of an external force, often it is our own problems that are holding us back from achieving what we have set out to do. Evaluate your own actions to determine the root of the problem. Maybe you haven’t planned enough to make your goals happen. Or, perhaps you have become complacent in your current state and are not longer investing the necessary effort into your plans. You also might discover that you have become distracted by other projects and are not committed to your original target. Once you discover what exactly is holding you back, you can break through the barrier to achieve your goal as you intended.

Bad News

Unfortunately, the reversed Page of Pentacles may be the bearer of bad news. It may refer to the rejection of a job application or promotion. Or it may refer to failure on a test or exam. The bad news may also be regarding your health.

Distracted by the Present

The reversed Page of Pentacles could be a sign that you are too distracted by the present to focus on what will be best in the long run. Short term pleasures give a quick and instantaneous reward with little to no effort required on your part. One of the most common examples is material gains. Accumulating material items provides a quick thrill, but the feelings of joy associated with them are usually fleeting. Keep your focus on what will set you up for long term satisfaction and fulfilment.

Money Trouble

You may also see the Page of Pentacles reversed tarot card if you are currently experiencing a bit of money trouble. These financial problems are consuming you, leaving you feeling unstable and insecure. It is very hard to stick to a budget, but doing so is the only way to get yourself free from the burden of debt. The time to stop overspending is now. Live within your means and develop a plan to work towards paying off your debts. Stop hoarding material possessions. You don’t always need the “latest and greatest” gadgets and accessories. Instead, be thankful for the many things you already have. If you find that you are not using some of the things you own, consider selling them for a bit of extra cash.

Talk with a financial psychic to obtain clarity about your personal money situation.

Time for a Break

Another interpretation for the Page of Pentacles reversed is that it may be time for you to take a break. You have been struggling with a project that seems impossible. No matter what you try or how much you put into it, you never seem to make any progress. The more you try, the worse things seem to get. This is a clear sign that you need to take a break from whatever it is. Put the project aside for the time being. Try out something completely new. Go on a vacation. Often, this little bit of down time is all you need to find the energy and inspiration that will allow you to complete your project completely rejuvenated.

Overwhelmed at Work

When the Page of Pentacles reversed tarot card shows up in a reading, it may be an indication that you are feeling overwhelmed at your job. You are likely feeling very isolated and unable to complete the projects that just keep piling up. Do your best to complete the work required of you, but do not be afraid to ask for some help. Sometimes a little bit of advice or an extra set of hands are all it takes to get you back on the right track.

An Undependable Partner

In readings regarding a romantic relationship, the Page of Pentacles reversed may refer to an undependable partner. This can mean anything from someone you can’t rely on to a partner who is actively deceiving you. They make promises they cannot keep. Although they may mean what they say initially, their laziness keeps them from following through. This person is likely just looking for someone to spoil them endlessly. They are very immature and may be prone to extreme jealousy. But be careful, because this partner may also resort to unfavorable behaviors, such as stealing money from their partner.

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