What Does it Mean to Be a Virgo?

Inquiring Virgo men and women will doubtlessly scrutinize what it means to be a Virgo, but it comes as no surprise as it is their very nature to be analytical. Virgo-born serve as the ultimate ambassadors of practicality and organization. Their nonsense-free and often critical approach to life and love will either delight you or drive you insane. It’s a Virgo thing and like a virgin, Virgo men and women prefer to take the slow and steady approach to most things, and will never make a decision without carefully weighing all factors. Those born of this star sign are intellectuals, skilled at problem-solving and managing difficult situations. What strengths they possess in cognitive areas are all too often balanced by a weak self-view. The sign that is positive of a logical reason for everything can be trapped in a cycle of devastating self-criticism the moment things go wrong, such as a failed career or love life. Whether you are seeking guidance for your own sense of self, or curious about the nature of Virgo-born, we invite you to learn more about this wonderful sign with us.

Mythology And Facts About The Discerning Virgo

If you were born between August 23rd and September 22nd, you are blessed enough to belong to the most industrious sign of the zodiac. The mythology of Virgo varies greatly between tales, covering several different women and goddesses. In the most popular myth, the pure virgin goddess Astraea became the constellation of Virgo when she fled from the earth and the wickedness of man. Like a typical Virgo, life was splendid when all was going to perfection, but unfortunately, that was not to last. When mankind began to fall into lawlessness, she warned them to change but ultimately became the last of the immortal gods to abandon mankind. Like the myth, Virgos truly seek the good in people and know they are capable of great things, while also knowing when to give up on a poor situation. A Virgo’s tendency to criticize comes almost entirely from their faith in the ability of others to do better. Virgo is a mutable sign, and this is important as it reveals either a need or tendency to change. For the virgin, this manifests as need, which is often not addressed until he or she is in a long-term relationship.

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Virgo Traits And Behaviors

Virgo men and women are detail-orientated, pragmatic, and idealistic. Many who read this may ask themselves, how can you be both pragmatic and idealistic? The answer: Ask a Virgo. When it comes to their lifestyle, career, and tackling any problems that arise, Virgo-born employ a straightforward and realistic approach. However, when it comes to love, the virgin dreams of nothing short of perfection. Like a fairy-tale, the romantic Virgo imagines a knight in shining armor or flawless dazzling queen that will lay claim to their heart. In the real world, everyone has a multitude of flaws. Beyond the occasional criticism, Virgo men and women are extremely kind and hardworking individuals. Their dedication to getting things just right often results in neglect of recreational time by choice, so more playful signs may have to endure a disapproving gaze.

The virgin is his or her own greatest critic and avoids acting superior or rude to those around her. The true desire of a Virgo is to feel cherished and loved, and this is why the much-needed changes occur during relationships. The shy, introverted, and distant behavior of a Virgo is all to disguise and protect a very vulnerable heart. As such, virgins seek friendship with people who are similar to them and meet their extensive list of expectations as further protection against hurt. Virgos are helpful and devoted friends, but it can be tough to avoid passing judgment in the wake of a disaster. Nothing is done with ill will, and they tend to view their unrequested advice as just another way of being supportive. This is one sign that is not beloved by all; thus, you will find you are either loved or despised without a real middle ground.

Virgo Guidance And Needs

The goal for every Virgo who feels a need for change in their life should be to learn to stop viewing mistakes as a permanent strike against yourself. Judging yourself too harshly is a common theme for nearly all Virgo men and women. As much as you try to be rational in all things, your body will continue to remind you that you are an emotional creature first and foremost. The age-old wisdom of if you want to be loved, first you must love yourself is exactly what every virgin needs to hear and take to heart. You are a person of many talents, but what works in the workplace won’t work in regards to interpersonal relationships. People are more than a list of benefits and flaws for you to analyze, and fighting off those thoughts may well be the best decision you can make.

Reflect on the myth and know that when chaos abounds, sometimes the selfish decision is the right one. You cannot help those who are unwilling to help themselves and their toxic presence in your life only harm you. For love, Pisces-born are your karmic partners but do not jump into the arms of the first fish who swims your way. You are both in love with being in love, and your relationship will overflow with romance. The sensitivities of the fish mirror yours, but Pisces women and men do not hide their weaknesses and Virgos can learn from that. Be aware that the fish prefers a dream world to the reality you adore, and understand that you may have twice the responsibilities at hand in a relationship with a Pisces man or woman. In your journey to be loved and appreciated, make sure you are the change you want to see and they will respond in kind. Many Virgos bond strongest with the durable Taurus, who shares more similarities.

Virgo men and women are kind, intelligent, and orderly individuals who live life shooting for perfection. Alas, nothing is perfect and a pessimistic worldview can emerge over time for many Virgo-born. Love heals all, however, and it is naturally what the analytical virgin desires most. The unique mix of characteristics found in Virgos makes them excellent bosses, educators, and excel in any careers where meticulous organization is required and appreciated. Learning to love yourself without any stipulations is the ideal path to living as a happy and healthy Virgo man or woman. This article offered a general look at the average Virgo, but everyone belonging to the star sign is different in their own ways. Consider a detailed online psychic reading by one of our advisors for in-depth and personal insight into your world, dreams, drives, and future.

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