The World Reversed Tarot Card


The World tarot card represents the end of a life cycle—a pause before the next significant phase beginning with the fool. The World reversed means there’s another phase before things start over.

The World Tarot Card Meaning

The World tarot itself is the final card in the tarot Major Arcana journey. It’s the last card in that series before the Ace of Wands and the Minor Arcana. 

When you see the World, you’ve come full circle and have completed something important. While the World card means triumph, the World reversed can mean your plans risk falling off course.

The World Reversed Meaning

The World reversed  is like a proofreading card. This card is like the editor that tells you your manuscript needs one last look before publishing. It’s not the end of the world—just a rest stop.

You’re still close to your goal, but there’s a more work to do. You can accomplish it if you pay attention. Here are some of the possible meanings this card holds.

 A Major Roadblock

As with most reversed cards, the World reversed can mean a block between you and your goal. This could be an external or internal block. Self-sabotage is possible, so look for the Seven of Swords in the spread for confirmation. 

An Outside Influence

If the card shows up in a spread position that means another person or outside influences, there may be a block in how people see your goal. That doesn’t necessarily mean your dream is wrong, but it does mean that something is coming up for the other person in your life. This could be insecurities or difficulties in your relationship from the past. Whatever it is, this person sees your goal as a blocker.

A Feeling of Disappointment

If the World reversed shows up in an outcome position, it means your going to achieve your goal but it won’t give you the fulfilment you’re looking for. 

Taking Things Too Far

The World reversed can be a warning that you’re taking your journey too far. Be grateful for where you’re at, but know when to quit while you’re ahead. Your current accomplishments and relationships are worth more than the achievement. 

A Sense of Accomplishment

If the card shows up in a past position,  it indicates a block you’ve gotten past already. The takeaway is that you succeeded in moving forward. While you may still have issues to deal with in the future, this block is the way out.

Want More Tarot? 

When The Word reversed appears in your spread, you’re close to your goal. A professional tarot reading with one of our Keen advisors can help find the roadblocks so you can move forward. Are you up for a change? 

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