Seven of Swords Reversed Tarot Card


The Seven of Swords reversed is a warning that your days of juggling your affairs with skill, stealth, and self-reliance may all be coming to an end. Like its upright counterpart, it can shine a light on a positive aspect of your life, or a truly negative one. For those that participate in nefarious deeds now is the time to come clean. Your bad actions will likely come to light very soon, and you are urged to do the honest thing and accept the consequences. If you have been attempting to carefully balance an overwhelming situation then you need to be on guard. The many swords will come crashing down and you do not want to be harmed in the chaotic aftermath. Above all else, the reversed Seven of Swords demands you to be honest with yourself and others. Continuing along your current path will lead to further problems for you or your loved ones. There are few tarot cards that can appropriately be described as “the writing on the wall” like the Seven of Swords reversed can. The question is only if you will heed it. Here are some of the most common interpretations of the Seven of Swords reversed.

Heed The Warning Signs

The appearance of a tarot card is rarely the first and only warning you receive of a potentially harmful occurrence. The Seven of Swords reversed may serve as a sign that you are overlooking other warning signs related to a situation. You may be being manipulated, cheated or otherwise duped in your relationship or new friendship. We are so intensely driven culturally to not judge a book by its cover and to consistently consider that many people have positive reasons for doing the things they do. While this is true, it can lead to a refusal to recognize red flags for what they actually are. You do not need to be constantly suspicious or overbearing with your expectations of those around you as this will drive them away. You should simply remain vigilant and on the lookout for behavior that may be malicious or devious.

If something seems off, you have every right to be cautious and you must not allow the potential perpetrator to guilt you for having questions. You may wish to mentally review your current relationships for signs of deceit or any other underhanded tactics that manipulate you, even emotionally. The appearance of the Seven of Swords reversed can be the last chance that you will get to escape a situation relatively unscathed. While it won’t be the end of the world if you fail, the emotional pain and frustration can certainly take its toll, especially if you have put your all into something or someone important to you.

A Time To Come Clean

Have you recently reflected on your regrettable behavior and have a drive to make amends? Perhaps you have pretended to be someone or something you are not, or cheated on your partner. The allure of not causing any additional pain by continuing your deception and promising yourself you won’t let it happen again is strong, but it is not the answer. Such wrongs will weigh heavily on your soul and the longer a wrong goes hidden, the more it will harm the victim. Do not rationalize continuing to lie as sparing another person pain. Take pride in yourself that your conscience has kicked in and that the guilt you are feeling for your behavior shows you are not lacking the capacity to care.

If your only fears or worries are of getting caught, then you need to take a long look at yourself and determine the root cause of your lack of empathy and remorse. The task of coming clean can be very daunting, and there is nothing wrong with taking it step by step. Ceasing the behavior is always a good start, but do not let it become the only action taken. If admitting a deed is too difficult to do face to face, consider typing up a letter, or sending an email as it may be easier to bear. Most importantly of all, continue to work towards the goal of coming clean completely.

Master Your Fears

The Seven of Swords reversed can point to the issue of letting your fears control your behavior. This is often overlooked or ignored because it is not an innately negative or harmful behavior, it simply halts progress. You are running away from the battlefield with a sword in hand, despite being fully capable of participating in the defense. You may simply be afraid to ask for help in a situation of dire need, and this cowardice is leading to unnecessary suffering. Stop beating yourself up about needing a hand, for everyone needs help at some point. Recognize your blessings that help is available as many people are not as fortunate.

There is pride and dignity for enduring unavoidable suffering when it comes your way, but there is none for stubbornly standing in the rain when someone offers you a spare umbrella. If your fearfulness is related to coming forward, consider the relief of having the load off your back in the end. Why carry a weight around with you forever? Once you have come clean and made proper amends your job is done, and those who continue to judge you have problems of their own. Sometimes your grand plans are not set to come to fruition and it takes a brave man or woman to admit it. The best decisions are rarely the easiest but hold tight; all will get better.

When the reversed Seven of Swords pops up in your tarot spread, be prepared to take some action on your part. Whether you need to finally react to some warnings you’ve ignored, or come clean for your past wrongdoing, doing nothing is no longer an option. Dirty deeds and things hidden will be coming to light and you can either take responsibility now, or foolishly wait until you get caught when it will be much worse. Honesty, bravery, and being humble enough to accept help are very important features of this tarot card. Determining how the Seven of Swords reversed relates to your personal situation can be accomplished with a live online tarot reading.

Our experienced tarot readers can give you the guidance you need to understand the effect that the reversed Seven of Swords is having on your life today.

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