Sex Life Insights by the Minor Arcana

Scantily clad man holding scantily clad woman from behind, with three Minor Arcana tarot cards in foreground

The Tarot cards provide a useful tool in illustrating not only major events, but the day to day particulars in your life. When confronted with questions about aspects of these everyday details, such as looking for help with your sex life, the Tarot’s Minor Arcana will be the key to providing the answers.

The full deck of Tarot cards includes both the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana consists of the 22 picture cards with which most of us are familiar – the archetypes dealing with the big questions of life and illustrate “the Fool’s journey”. The Minor Arcana comprises the rest of the deck, 56 cards broken up into suits of Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Wands that have evolved into the playing cards that we are more familiar with today. The Minor Arcana cards are vital to a full and accurate reading, as they provide the details. When you consult a psychic about your sex life, they may use the full Tarot deck, just the Minor Arcana, or even a pack of ordinary playing cards for the reading.

The importance of the Minor Arcana cannot be underestimated. The Major Arcana tends to get all the attention as its cards usually relate to matters of deep significance, but it is in the Minor Arcana that we find practical help for the everyday. Life-changing events do not occur on a regular basis, but we still have to live each day as it comes. Your psychic’s use of the Minor Arcana cards will help you in understanding how to make your relationships and life as balanced, happy and healthy as possible.

Scoop from the Suits

Although every suit in the Minor Arcana is relevant, it is the suit of Cups that deals with relationships and sex. The other suits will fill in the details and your psychic will be able to help you figure out what you really want in your lover. If a lot of Pentacles show up with Cups within your reading, this would indicate your real desire is for security with your beau. A preponderance of Wands will tell of your want of a relationship that is creative and full of surprises. Sword cards are evidence of a wish for a partner who will stimulate you to action and arouses both your intellect and body.

News from the Numbers

The individual numbered and court cards that comprise each suit of the Minor Arcana will also help inform your reading with their own distinct meanings, tempered by the suit in which they fall. Aces embody the spirit of each suit, offering a new beginning whenever they appear. Twos are relationship cards and, if you are in a sexual relationship, will be a good indicator of what is happening to it. Threes add another dimension, completing the happiness of the two. Fours are strong and stable in nature, very comforting to those who crave security. Fives introduce an element of uncertainty, of something that needs to be discarded before stability can return. Sixes are more hopeful, for they speak of forgiveness, although the Six of Swords may also indicate that a cycle is coming to an end and it is time to move on. Sevens are traditionally lucky, but they can also indicate that there is too much of a good thing and choices have to be made. Eights can be melancholy, indicating a time of solitude or the need to walk away. Nines are the “wish” cards indicate only good things (the Nine of Cups in particular), while tens offer completion, a goal achieved.

The court cards (Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages) generally indicate people or situations according to the suit. For example, the Queen of Cups can represent the querent (you), a warm & loving woman coming into your life or good advice on love. Only by consulting a psychic who understands the various meanings of the Tarot, will you find the nuanced answers to finding love and a healthy sex life.

Other Mystical Techniques

When you call a psychic to inquire about your sex life, the Tarot will be an invaluable tool in pinpointing what you want. Your psychic may then also employ other techniques, such as visualization and manifesting using the Law of Attraction, to help you draw into your life those qualities that you most desire. With the help of your psychic, you can clarify your goals and understand what you need to make the most of life – including what happens between the sheets.

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