What to Wear for Psychic Guidance

what to wear for psychic guidance

When you follow a hunch or your intuition, you may notice that the strength of the feeling can change over time. Suddenly, you lose it, or just as quickly regain that insight in ever-stronger detail. That psychic feeling may be amplified or muted by what you are wearing.

Learning what to wear and when to wear could be a great asset to you; the thing that lifts you to a higher level of consciousness or allows you to get on with your ordinary day free from disrupting energy.

Read below to see what you can add to your wardrobe to sharpen your alternative visions. The colors you wear, the patterns they form and the materials of which they are made are all components of harnessing the energy from beyond.

  • Colors

    Your ability to tune in to different modes of astral communication can be made more precise with an attention to the color of your clothes.

    BLUE – Emotional connections and deep empathy for others is amplified by blues of all hues. If you are looking for personal guidance, avoid this color, as you will likely be picking up on the feelings of someone who is nearby. If you want to know if someone is a possible soulmate, you are more likely to feel their true intentions while wearing aqua, turquoise, ultramarine, teal or cobalt shades of blue.

    YELLOW – Most shades of yellow are a repellent of impersonal energy. If you need guidance from psychic channels regarding your personal situation, this is the color that allows you to find the clearest, most immediate connection to a direction in which to aim your life. Golds, mustards, light oranges, and even warm earth tones all pull in self-aware psychic energy.

    RED – This is a naturally dissonant color. You can tune out psychic energy and focus on personal goals in the material world by wearing a predominantly red outfit.

    WHITE OR BLACK – An outfit that is almost completely black or completely white in color makes one invisible to the psychic energy of others. Wear all black or all white when you are carrying a secret or feel that there are specific people who seek to take your energy.

  • Patterns

    STRIPES – While much has been made of the widening and sharpening properties of stripes, beyond the visual plane, this is the pattern that allows for the expansion of consciousness. While stripes might appear to be blocking out stimulus, they actually just filter out the noise and inconsequential advice from the ether.

    FLORAL – Floral patterns are intensely psychic and pull in sights and sounds from those around you. If you are the least bit psychic, wearing illustrations of flowers in a patterned form will amplify what you pull in from the astral plane. People who wear floral patterns may seem noisier because they are getting an overload of psychic information and seek to complete the bigger picture.

    DOTS AND CIRCLES – Spherical patterns are protectors from intrusion. A shape that is similar to an eye stares back at other psychic interlopers. Illustrations of spheres and circles as well as rounded cuts in clothing push away bad energy and protect the wearer.

    CHECKS, NETS AND ANGLES – When you are seeking to pull in energy and invite anything that the universe may deliver, simply wear patterns that are checked, netted or have other angular forms. This is the psychic plane’s equivalent of an engraved invitation to fill you with a sense of purpose and direction. Ask and you shall receive; wear squares and other sharp angles for best results!

    MATERIAL – The physical properties of the things you wear conduct or repel psychic energy. The reception and transmission of intuition can be attributed to the material aspects of your clothes and jewelry. You might start to notice how much more you pick up when you wear a particular pair of earrings. When the feelings stop upon removing them, it is not that you are no longer psychic; it is just that you have turned off the receiving device.

    METAL – This is the best receptor of all to elevate your consciousness. Note how the human species evolved by leaps and bounds once metal was used in our ancestors’ everyday adornments. They even named these leaps of mass advancement the Iron Age and the Bronze Age. Wearing clothes with metal bangles or jewelry made of copper, silver, pewter or gold all assists in refining your psychic comprehension. A clear vision or resolution of what you are seeing or feeling can bring psychic peace of mind.

    PLASTICS – Most psychic phenomena are based on ancient understandings; plastic is a relatively new material and is not integrated into the larger panoply of metaphysics. But that does not mean that it is powerless. How do you think the Bronze Age became the Bronze Age? Wearing plastic jewelry or accessories connects you with your era, your historical epoch. Such a connection can help with intuition. When you wear plastic you are more connected to the moment in which you live and will have better hunches about making your next move.

    WOOD – The fact that all wood was, at one point, alive, gives this material extraordinary power when worn as an accessory. Even something as seemingly insignificant as wooden buttons on an exotic blouse can heighten your sensitivity into seeing the future.

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