The six of cups reversed represents a time of looking back on the way that things “used to be.” These memories are often connected to your childhood. Alternatively, the card could be referring to someone who is currently a child. If the card appears reversed during an online tarot reading, it is often a reminder that you need to pay more attention to your present and future than what happened in the past.

It’s easy to lose yourself in the “good old days.” But like so many things, even nostalgia can be taken to the extremes. You’re yearning to return to the past or an unrecoverable situation. It’s time to let go of the past and move forward. There is nothing you can do about what has already happened, but you can impact your future.

Clinging to the Past

The reversed six of clubs may indicate that you have unresolved issues from your past. While it is healthy to explore memories of the past, don’t let yourself get stuck there. The past is very powerful. Replaying old memories can bring back emotions – both good and bad. Old pains sting once again.

Focus on staying grounded in the present. Your previously held ideas and beliefs are holding you back. Break free and use the past as a guide to the future instead of a hindrance. Every day is a new day. It’s time to choose a new approach. There are new opportunities all around you – all you have to do is take advantage of them. Remember that life happens in this moment.

Children Trouble

This card may also indicate that you are currently having problems with children. This could refer to a wide range of problems. You could be struggling with infertility or miscarriages that are causing significant problems with your ability to bear children. If you already have children, then it is likely referring to disciplinary issues that you need to get under control.


When you look back to when you were younger, it is common to recall a carefree, naïve outlook on life. You had lots of unrealistic ideals and dreams about how your life would be. But what you pictured back then does not resemble how your life has turned out. You may simply have different goals in mind now that you want more. Or you might find yourself feeling disappointed that you are running “behind schedule.” Free yourself of these old expectations. Find new dreams to follow and pursue.


When you start a new job, there’s often a bit of excitement and pride associated with your new position. But now that time has passed, you’re finding that this “honeymoon” period has ended. You’re beginning to see things more clearly for how they really are. This isn’t a bad thing, but you need to take caution. Think before you take action on any perceived wrongs that you are now noticing. You have to pick your battles because they aren’t all worth fighting. Trust your gut to know what you should pursue and what you should let go.

Another interpretation of the reversed six of cups is that you are feeling bored in your current role. It does not give you the opportunity to be creative that you desire. But it does provide you with stability and security. However, you dream of leaving it behind in favor of something that stimulates your creativity.


You’ve been avoiding some issues in your relationship, but the six of cups reversed indicates that you are about to face them very soon. Often these are things you left unresolved in an attempt to “keep the peace.” Now it is time to deal with them and find a real resolution.

Or you might find yourself bored in your current relationship. You enjoy the security, but find the commitment to be stifling. Changes have impacted your relationship. You must adapt and focus on the positives to restore the passion you have lost. If this is not something that you are willing to do, then there is always the option for you to leave.

If you are single and interested in finding a relationship, take time to evaluate yourself. What are you doing to find love? What things are you avoiding? You have to take action in order to see the results you want – love doesn’t happen in real life like it does in the movies.

One thing that you may find that is holding your back is your past relationships. You view them through rose-colored glasses, which makes it impossible for any current prospect to measure up to your ex. Remember this one important fact – your previous relationship ended for a reason.


If you want to be able to effectively manage your money, then it is necessary for you to pay attention to it. Trying to ignore it only sets you back. It increases the odds that you will make costly errors that will cause you to pay dearly. Seek advice if you need it to help get your finances on track. This card may also refer to a young person who is preparing to take the major life step of moving out and living independently for the first time.


You know that you have problems that need to be addressed, but you have been ignoring them for far too long. This could mean several different things, such as skipping important medications, not getting your symptoms checked by a doctor, or neglecting your weight and fitness. Whatever the problem is, address it now before it has time to get worse. Deep inside, you already know what needs to be done.

Previous Abuse

The six of cups reversed can represent child abuse or sexual abuse that you faced when you were young. You want to release yourself from these harmful memories and are trying to work through these issues. Alternatively, this could refer to someone in your life who will need your support working through their past abuse.


When the six of cups reversed shows up in a tarot card reading, it may mean that a vacation or event you’ve been looking forward to has been canceled. It is only human to feel disappointed by this, but you need to accept the changes. This is a test of your strength and will power. Do not react – find your center and be quiet.

Finding Happiness

The six of cups reversed can also be a reminder that your sense of happiness and wellbeing do not come from outside forces. You have to look within yourself and find your own bliss.

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