Six of Cups Reversed in Tarot


The Suit of Cups represents emotions in the tarot. Of the 14 cards in the suit, the Six Cups of tarot is a metaphor for the small joys of childhood. The Six of Cups reversed has meanings, most of which flip this. 

Six of Cups Meaning 

The Six of Cups tarot meaning is the card of childhood play, creativity, and a disconnection from the obligations and responsibilities of adulthood. Sometimes this card is a blessing in a tarot reading when life is demanding. Other times, this card warns you that you may be out of your league in a situation where adult wisdom would do you well.

Six of Cups Reversed Meaning 

The Six of Cups Reversed represents a time of looking back on the way things used to be. These memories are often connected to your childhood. Alternatively, the card could be referring to someone who is currently a child. If the card appears reversed during an online tarot reading, it is often a reminder that you need to pay more attention to your present and future in various areas of your life. 

Here are some possible meanings: 

Children Trouble

This could refer to a wide range of problems. It might mean infertility, miscarriages or other issues with childbearing. If you already have children, then it is probably refers  to disciplinary matters.


When you start a new job, there’s often excitement and pride, but after time passes you see things more clearly.. This isn’t bad, but you need to take caution. Know what to let go of and what to pursue—even if that means working towards another career path.

Love and Relationships

The Six of Cups Reversed love means issues you’ve been avoidingare coming to the surface. Maybe you’re bored, the passion is gone, or you’re feeling stifled by the commitment. Whatever it is, it’s time to face the music. If you’re single and interested in finding a relationship, take time to evaluate yourself so you can take action and see the results you truly want. 


Effectively managing your money means watching it carefully to avoid costly errors or overspending. Seek professional advice if you need help getting your finances on track. This card may also refer to a young person preparing to take a significant life step by moving out and living independently for the first time.

Health and Lifestyle

Seeing this card doesn’t have to indicate a severe illness. It could even suggest that you’re not taking your medications on time, are overdue for a checkup, or are neglecting your fitness. Whatever the problem is, address it now before it festers. Deep inside, you already know what needs to be done.

Realistic Expectations

When you were younger, you likely had a carefree, naïve outlook on life—but what you pictured back then may not reflect your life today. Whether you have different goals in mind or you’re feeling disappointed that you’re running behind schedule, free yourself of any old expectations and find new dreams to pursue.

Want More Tarot? 

The Six of Cups Reversed can also remind you that your sense of happiness and wellbeing do not come from outside forces. You have to look within yourself and find your bliss.
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