Soulmate Tarot Spread


A soulmate is someone you have a deep, natural affinity with—a powerful, unique connection that goes far beyond the physical realm. It is a meeting of minds, mutual respect, and deep unconditional love.

If you’re looking to meet yours or have a question about a soulmate in your life, a soulmate tarot spread can give you the answers you’re looking for. 

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Finding Your Soulmate Tarot Spread

If you haven’t met your soulmate yet and you want to call them in, then this is the right tarot spread for you. This tarot reading will give some insight into your past relationships and detail some of your soulmate’s characteristics as well as where you might meet them. 

tarot spread

Card #1 Physical characteristics of your soulmate

Card #2 Main personality trait of your soulmate

Card #3 Their strength

Card #4 Their struggle

Card #5 What do I need to let go of from my previous relationship to attract them?

Card #6 Where will we meet?

Card #7 What qualities do we have in common?

Card #8 What quality do I possess that will attract my soulmate?

Card #9 How can I best prepare for meeting my soulmate?

Card #10 What will my soulmate and I teach each other?

While this spread can be an excellent tool for learning about your soulmate, you’re more likely to manifest them after working on yourself. 

For best results, take notes on this reading and create a list of what your ideal partner is like. Place the notes and list somewhere safe and out of sight. When you meet your soulmate, you might be genuinely shocked at how many boxes they tick on your list.

Are They Your Soulmate Tarot Spread

Have you met someone recently and felt a strong connection with them? If you’re wondering if this person is your soulmate, then this five-card spread is the right reading for you.

5 tarot spread

Card #1 Is this person my soulmate?

Card#2 What are the strengths of our bond?

Card #3 What are the struggles of our bond?

Card #4 What lesson will this person teach me?

Card #5 What should I do to prepare for my soulmate?

Since not all soulmates are romantic, this person may be a strong connection but a karmic connection (a connection meant to teach you a spiritual lesson) not a life partner. Using the tarot can help gain some clarity on your soul tie with this person.

Simple Soulmate Tarot Spread

Once you have met your soulmate, whether you are in a relationship with them or not, you may want some clarity regarding your current relationship. A simple three-card spread can give you some quick answers. 

Shuffle your tarot deck and pull three cards in a line or as an inverted pyramid. 

<IMG of three cards>

Card #1 This card represents your soulmate’s current energy toward you.

Card #2 This card represents your energy toward them.

Card #3 This card embodies the current state of the relationship between you two.

The beauty of this tarot reading is it is short so you can do it anytime you feel drawn to get some clarity. This soulmate reading can be effective in ameliorating conflict and pointing out what you need to work on in yourself.

Past Life Lovers Soulmate Tarot Spread

Soulmates usually reincarnate and meet each other again each lifetime to teach each other very valuable lessons. They may not end up staying together but they may come together to fulfill karmic destinies. If you’re curious to learn more about your past life connection with your soulmate, this spread will illuminate this.

<IMG of Tarot Spread>

Card #1 Who was my soulmate in my previous life?

Card #2 What important lesson did we teach other?

Card #3 Did we end up together?

Card #4 What was our relationship like in a previous life?

Card #5 Is my soulmate in my previous life the same person as my present soulmate?

Card #6 What brought my soulmate and me together in our past lifetime?

Card #7 What is the current relationship with my soulmate like?

Card #8 What should my current soulmate and I do to avoid repeating the same mistakes we did before?

Learning about your past life connections can help you see the karmic lessons you faced in the past and where you got stuck previously. It can also help strengthen the bond between you and your current soulmate so that you don’t fall into old patterns and repeat mistakes from the past.

Along with a soulmate tarot spread, you may wish to do a soulmate ritual to honor the connection. Consider lighting a candle, taking a hot bath, or smudging your space before your reading. Meditate and visualize your future so you can have a clear vision of how you wish your partnership to manifest.

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