Tarot Rituals for Self-Protection

tarot rituals for self protection

A Tarot reading is a great way to predict the future and understand how your present day reality is grounded in the past. But the energy of the Tarot deck can also be used as a developmental tool. You can experience great personal growth through a disciplined use of the deck in daily rituals. Here are three Tarot rituals specifically geared toward self-protection.

The Calendar

This is a ritual to prepare you for work and school related issues. This ritual protects you from backstabbing rivals and colleagues and alerts you to coming surprises.

As a new week approaches, shuffle the deck and deal out five cards in a row. Each of these cards is an indicator of what is coming each day of the week, starting with Monday. Simply look up the card in question and read for what it means for the future. This ritual will get you ready ahead of time for confrontations with bosses, teachers, co-workers and friends along the way. If office romance is in your future, knowing ahead of time makes all that flirting seem worthwhile.

The Daily Pull

Shuffle the deck and take a card out in the morning. Meditate on it early in the day, carry it with you, study it, look it up online and begin to know it. The energy of the card is yours for the day. There are no bad cards in this ritual. You are protected from different things. Some situations may seem to line up with your current world when you draw the card, and yet, as the day goes on, you might find the power of that card has come through for you in a variety of situations. Each evening you should reintroduce that card to the Tarot deck and give it a few complete shuffles. Leave the deck out until morning and develop the method by which you pull out the card of the day. How you do it is entirely up to you, but what is important is that you repeat the same method each day.

Do you pull the top card off the deck as you make your morning cup of tea? Do you pull a small stack of cards off the deck and draw from the middle? Do it your way, but do it the same way each time. Rituals are about repeating the same behavior in order to lay a foundation of consistency and stability in your life.

By doing this ritual every day, you are building a relationship with the Tarot deck that will provide the card of the day that you need. Keeping that card in mind all day can be a great tool for problem solving as well as protecting you from getting into bad situations. Each card in the Tarot deck protects you from the inconsistencies of the daily grind.

Your Best Friend

This Tarot ritual is rooted in the first two methods. If you practice either or both of these rituals for a while, you will start to notice that some cards work particularly well for you. After several weeks of getting acquainted, you may want to make a piece of jewelry or clothing that illustrates a certain Tarot card and the feeling it gives you and then wear it frequently. This is a higher stage of Tarot consciousness. You are actually becoming the manifestation of this card in the world and can carry this energy as a protector of others simply with your presence.


Cards from the Suit of Cups protect you from being emotionally used. Sword cards offer protection from critical attacks and judgmental people. Pentacles are great cards to protect you in financial transactions. The suit of Wands helps you hold a creative spark even when the world seems unduly harsh and demanding of your conformity.

Cards with strong masculine figures such as any of the Kings of the court cards or the Emperor or Hierophant protect you from domineering men. Likewise, the Empress, The High Priestess and Queen cards of any suit offer a buffer from women you may encounter with agendas that clash with your own.

The scariest Tarot cards may be difficult for you to carry around with you, but Death, the Devil, the Tower and the Eight, Nine and Ten of Swords are all cards from which you can learn valuable lessons. Death is a card that insists you cope with change. In doing so, you protect the things in your world that are not being altered. The Devil allows you immediate access to power, often a protective wellspring. The Tower is the card of shocking change but offers you a chance to land upon your feet. The Sword cards protect you from restricting yourself, creating regrets or giving up. Understand these cards and benefit from that knowledge.

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