Tarot Readings for Pets

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The Tarot deck is an excellent source for seeing the future and problem solving in the present for everyone. It is a better tool than other predictive methods for pets too. Psychic readings may require finding a pet specialist. Astrology readings require a birth date that is not possible to acquire for animals that are rescues or shelter adoptions.

Tarot cards, on the other hand, feel the energy of the subject for whom the reading is intended. So when your pet is nearby, administering a reading on the phone or in your residence can be fun and informative.

Tarot readings for pets should be conducted by the card reader exactly as he or she would prefer to perform a regular Tarot reading. There is no variance on the structure of the reading. The difference is in the interpretation of certain cards.


In an ordinary Tarot reading, the suit of wooden walking sticks that we call Wands represents creativity. In a pet reading, Wands represent food. Never underestimate your pet’s desire to eat. You of course need to regulate food for diet, et cetera, but a reading with lots of Wands may be telling you that a change in the brand of food or feeding times of the day may be in order.


While humans are obsessed with money and material gain, they cannot hold a candle to a pet’s obsession. An animal is more possessive of his or her toy than human beings are of all their stuff. Pentacles in your pet’s reading refer to your pet’s favorite ball, chew toy or other plaything. A reading with lots of Pentacles may indicate that your pet wants to play ball more, or truly misses a toy you might have thrown out because you felt it was too dirty.


Animals understand commands. When you receive a Tarot reading with lots of swords in it, words and communication are important. This is true for your pet, it is just that your pet has a much more limited vocabulary. Dogs respond to direct verbal cues and sounds. Cats prefer nonverbal cues and rituals. When the suit of Swords appears in your pet’s Tarot reading, consider the role that direct communication plays in your relationship.


While this is the Tarot deck’s suit of emotions, for pets, the feelings are much more sexual in nature. Your pet has a deep urge to breed and if you have properly spayed or neutered it, the feeling does not just disappear. A Tarot reading with lots of Cups show that your animal is interested in the opposite sex. This is a normal state of being for animals. You might consider taking your best friend for a little more socializing with other animals when you see Cups appear in your pet’s reading.


The youthful vigor of this card translates well to pets. This indicates coming interactions with puppies or kittens or other young friends.


The Tarot’s court cards are protected by Knights. When a Knight or two appear in your pet’s reading, you will notice a new sense of territorial nature arriving. Your pet will mark his or territory more thoroughly and defend it more aggressively.


When a Queen appears in a pet’s reading, it is a cry for affection. This is asking the owner of a pet for more time, love and attention. Queens signal a longing for more quality time.


The highest-ranking court card in the Tarot deck has a special intensity for your best friend. The presence of a King card in a pet’s reading indicates his or her master. This could signify a new level of happiness at home or a new round of playing Who’s the Boss? Well, who is the boss in your house?

Major Arcana

Some Tarot readers take out the Major Arcana cards in a reading for pets, assured that animals do not have the sophistication of personality necessary for these interpretations to be applied. It almost becomes a philosophical debate about the nature of pets. Understand, though, that if Major Arcana cards are involved in the reading for your pet, they are subordinate to the suited cards and especially the court cards.

Additionally, the Major Arcana may represent you, the pet’s guardian. A blurring of whom the reading is about may take place if too many human personality traits are assumed to belong to your dog, cat or other pet. Sometimes, though, you just have to know what the future holds for your fine furry or feathered friend and the Tarot deck is a great place to seek answers to both your own life situations and your pet’s

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