Ten of Wands Reversed Tarot Card


The Suit of Wands is known to be deeply tied to your inner energy and resilience, as well as your passionate drives to create. The Wand cards tend to focus in on your ambitions and shine a light on the strength you have as a person. Unfortunately, the Ten of Wands reversed often points to an unwinnable situation. Unlike its upright version, the reversed Ten of Wands frequently has no light at the end of the tunnel. It is a stark warning that you are approaching the brink of collapse, and it is in your best interests to turn back now before your valuable energies fade away. There is a true respect in many things for trying your best, but nature is unforgiving and holds no rewards for a good effort that falls short of success. Discovering every intricacy of the reversed Ten of Wands tarot card is no small feat, but the most commonly seen interpretations for general situations are explained in detail below.

From Moving Forward To Barely Holding On

A complete halting of progress on a particular goal or need that is a focal point in your life is often what the reversed Ten of Wands could be hinting on. Unlike its upright version, hanging on a little longer and refusing to give up may yield no results in this case. Your physical and mental energies are gradually weakening, and it is only a matter of time before you fall. Perhaps you have taken on more work than you can manage, either out of necessity or urged by those taking advantage of your selfless helpfulness. Others may have simply resigned entirely to their fate, accepting a situation you know will only bring you endlessly building stress. It is more important than ever to listen to your body, your mind, and your heart if they are telling you that your breaking point is approaching. The warnings are real, and waiting until true collapse can have serious consequences. Perseverance is an extremely valuable and well-respected trait, but so is the wisdom to know your limits.

The Hidden And The Hurtful

Guilt is another common source for the appearance of the Ten of Wands reversed, particularly when it is holding you back from living a worry-free life. Hiding things you should definitely share with your partner can slowly eat you up inside. Living a double life or acting like an entirely different person in the eyes of others simply cannot be sustained forever. The Wands will come crashing down as you juggle and struggle to hold together every little lie or deception. Honesty with yourself and then with others is the only true response. The longer an issue is intentionally hidden the more hurt it often causes to your loved ones. For those simply trying to appear as the person their loved ones imagine them to be, understand you cannot build self-worth for a self that does not exist. If your guilt and shame arise from your past, pride yourself on making the positive changes that got you to where you are today instead of drowning yourself in a regrettable history. Adversity makes you stronger, and those who mock you for long past mistakes are the most likely to have many hidden issues of their own.

Beware A Lack Of Balance

Ten of Wands cards tend to picture a man or woman overburdened, with the reversed aspect hinting at they have been likely pulled off of their feet or toppled over due to the sheer weight of what they carry. This might hit even closer to home for you if there were a burdenless companion also pictured. The Ten of Wands reversed can reveal a lack of balance within a relationship, as one partner may shift to doing the work of both, even gladly, out of love and devotion. This is not to say that temporary and supportive situations are bad, but an ongoing lack of balance due to laziness or co-dependency will harm both you and the relationship. Be alert for those who utilize emotional manipulation tactics to justify a severe lack of balance, such as claiming true love or respect for them means you would silently endure. Bear in mind that there are always times when one partner will need to lean on the other, and being supportive is part of a healthy relationship. It is when the cycle of give and take becomes only one-sided that communication and changes become necessary.

The Eventual Crash

For those who are most unfortunate, the appearance of the Ten of Wands reversed is simply an acknowledgment that your time of overburdening yourself has already ended in defeat. In this case, the card is a bitter reminder to learn from the mistakes that got you into this position in the first place. Do not get caught up in scolding yourself for not being strong enough, or brave enough, or more capable in doing what caused your eventual failure. This war was lost the moment you started taxing yourself beyond what was reasonable or sustainable. Now is the time to pick yourself up off the ground and strive to make smarter decisions in the future. The greatest disservice you can do to your body is to throw yourself back into that same overburdening situation and hope for a different result. Release yourself from whatever is calling you to foolishness, there is almost certainly a better way to achieve what you need. When the dust settles, you need not wallow in shame for your poor decision-making, simply recover well and strive not to repeat it.

The Ten of Wands reversed can appear to some as a purely negative card, but in truth it is often simply a card of warning. Just as you would not claim a rip current warning sign was bad, the same applies to this situation. It is meant to inspire self-reflection and recognition of your mistake in taking on more than you can handle. The choice is ultimately yours to make the changes necessary to avoid the eventual crash or to learn from it. Your energy is a finite resource, having a definite end if not given the needed break to recharge. Channel that energy into ventures that are not fruitless and slowly sapping more from you than can be replaced. This article was meant to provide a general overview of commonly referenced situations by the appearance of the Ten of Wands reversed tarot card. For a tarot reading that is unique and in-tune with your personal situation, consider a live online tarot reading by one of our experienced tarot readers.

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